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Lets introduce ourselvs

I am not sure if there is a post like this but if there is I didnt see it! My name is Lindsey and I have been married since May 19,2007 and we have one beautiful son who is 3 months! I began on this website on the pregnancy 18 and up forum and am now on the Maternal and Child and pregnancy 18 and up ( Im a Co-CL) I am a SAHM and love every min of it! I would really like to get to know everyone and make some new friends on the forums!
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My name is Eunice. Ive been married now for 6 1/2 years (5/11/02) and been together for almost a total of ten years. Hubby and i are expecting our first child together after trying for a very long time. I came upon MH by searching for pregnancy information, ended up finding the Due in November forum and then also joined the Pregnant 18-34. Now i found this forum, which i think is super fun. Ive been an Office Manager at a wonderful company for 4 years now, but will leave to be a SAHM, which is coming up very soon. I like meeting new people on here, mostly learning all the new pregnant and mommy experiences from other gals.
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  My name is Chris. I am not married but we have been together for 13 years now, so it's the same as. I have one son who is 29 and married with 3 children of his own, 2 girls ages 10 and 5 and 1 boy age 2.
  I found med help while searching for info on ovarian cancer. I have been a member of that forum for a year now and have made some very close friends.
  I live in a small town in south east/south central IL by the name of Olney. (pop. 9000) And it is known as the Home of the White Squirrels. All of the police dept cars have a picture of a white squirrel on them along with all county vehicles. The squirrels are even protected by law! It is a $25 fine if you happen to kill one, whether it runs out in front of your car or you have a cat that catches one. Sounds like a real exciting place to live huh?
  I live in the counrty just outside of town. I enjoy reading, gardening, crafting, antiquing, and rock hunting. I am also a people person and am able to make new friends easily. I am outgoing and talk all of the time, whether to someone else, or myself, and my dog. But I don't think that she pays much attention to me any more.
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haha crecco my mom has a dog and I use to talk to him when she travled and left him here and he didnt listen to well either.haha.. I also talk (and answer)myself! But really who dosnt?
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hi my nmae is brian.. i mainly hang out here  and the pain manegement forum welcome comein the water is warm.. i live in md and just try to deal with day to day craps of lifew and this site and great ppl in here help greatly  pm me anytime u would like
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Ok I will admit it, not only do I talk to myself, but yes I answer myself too!  Maybe if my dog would pay more attention then I wouldn't have to.
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I figure if we are woman enough to admit it then there is nothing wrong with it! haha
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Lindsey; Your baby is cute! :)

Right i'm Ben, i'm 16 and i joined when i was having a few issues with my love life, which i actually just shut the doors on those who wrecked my life. Even though i have not yet conquered all my problems i am superb! I enjoy a spot of photography, photoshop, clothes shopping (I guy who likes clothes shopping :S) i also enjoy working out and helping others with there problems. I live in Peterborough, UK its horrible here but being so young i cannot choose my place of home. I am rather intelligent for my age and i am quite the whiz' kid.

Hope to talk to some of you soon.
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My name is Patty, I am CL of Pregnancy 35+ and M/C 35+. I am a 36 yr old SAHM of 3 DD 18 yrs DS 11 yrs and DS 4 1/2 months. I came to medhelp in the beginning of 07 but never made an account until May 07. I had a tubal reversal March 07 and wanted to find others who had had the surgery done and if things were successful. I have been an addict since :) I was born and raised in S.E. Ohio and wouldn't live anywhere else. It costs too much to move these days...lol but seriously, I love it here!

Glad to meet everyone...
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  The bad part of it is that I am 47 years old and have done it all of my life. (and not always had the dog to blame it on)
  But there are those few times that I would rather carry on a conversation with myself instead of the people around me. thankfully that doesn't happen too often. LOL
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I'm Savas (Philip) CL of the Cat Forum and Small Animals Forum. (feel free to stop by!)

I've been married 15 years years. I found med-help accidentally when I was googling for recipes for chocolate pudding pie. Some of you know I have an obsession with CP Pie...every 3 months...it activates, and I must...eat...pie... the clock has been ticking.

Any day now, the beast shall awake.

I've been on here...I think it's been two years now? I'm really not sure. I've got a terrible sense of time. My wife says it's like living with a well meaning dog. My concept of time doesn't go beyond "Now". Everything else is "Oh, a few weeks or years". :)
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Hi, I am Trudie and I live in a small town about an hour southwest of Toronto in Canada.  I am 46, have one son who is 22 and have been in my second marriage for almost 12 years.  I work from home selling software to companies across North America.  We have one golden retriever and 2 cats.  Cooking is my passion and I also like TV, reading, doing stained glass and hanging out here at MedHelp.  

I started at MedHelp back in April of this year when a large ovarian cyst was found.  Surgery was successful and all is benign.  I have made so many good friends here and have expanded my involvement into other forums.  I continue to support other women with cysts and my friends here who have ovarian cancer.  

Oh, and I talk to myself a lot - especially when I'm cooking :)
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Hi, my name is Jennifer.  I've been a member of MedHelp since August, 2007 when I had my IVF.  I'm a member of several forums - I've made lots of friends whom I've grown close to - I have five children - son, 24; three daughters 22, 19 and 15 and one baby boy age 5 months - quite a spread!

I've been married for 9 1/2 years & work part-time.  I play piano at a local cafe about once a week - majored in music performance in college & was a teacher for 15 years.  I have three children in college (broke) and I guess that's about it.  I just joined this forum and look forward to meeting everyone here.
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Hi all;
   My name is Angel, I am 53 years old and live in the Houston area. I've been married to my prince charming 36 years. I have 3 grown children, Scott-34, Cory-32, and my only daughter Mandi-30. I have 9 grandchildren ages range from 13 years old down to 2 years old.
   I joined MH after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I love this forum. I now have a place to go to where I know that the people will understand what I'm feeling. Thanks for starting the thread.

gentle hugs
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Hi, my name is Rachel. I joined medhelp last summer in search of hoping to find ways to get pregnant. Well, I finally got pregnant last fall (after  two long years) and gave birth to my beautiful son, Cooper on June 6th. Sadly he returned to heaven on July 23rd, due to a heart condition called HLHS. We spent the summer fighting for his life and sadly we did not win the battle. I miss my little man so much and would do anything to get him back. I talk to him everyday and let him know how much we love and miss him.

My husband and I want to be parents again so bad, so we have decided to start trying again. We are hoping that it is does not take forever, because our hearts can't with stand anymore pain.  

Fun Facts:
My husband and I have been married for almost five years but we have been together for almost 13. We meet when I was 14 and he was 16!! It was love at first sight!!!  
I am a first grade teacher that secertly loves Britney Spears!!!

It was nice reading everyone's post and I look forward to chatting with you again!
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i'm kim...been married for 23 years...have four sons (31,30,22,20)...and one grandson.

i came to medhelp because my three oldest sons were/are battling addictions.  my second to the oldest son was diagnosed with hiv a year ago in march.  i spend my time on the hiv forum "trying" to educate ppl about risks, transmission, and testing for hiv.

i've made some wonderful friends here at medhelp since joining in february 07...and always look forward to making new ones.

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Hi, I'm Dac.

I found MH when  I was searching answers for my thyroid problems in March of '07.  In April, I think, I joined and have been around here every since.  I had been battling thyroid problems for 7 years when I found this site.  Was ready to give up until I found all my friends here.

I was the CL for the Bipolar community for a while.  Think I was the only one they ever had.

My medical records could fill a room and I spend more on meds a year than most ppl spend on gasoline.  Dr's forms never have enough room for all my medical conditions or meds, so I carry my own list and just hand it to them.  Too hard to remember them all anyway.

My dh and I have been married almost 12 years.  We married after knowing each other only 3 months--not recommended.  We have an 8 yo son who is the light of my life.  Also have a 17yo step daughter who doesn't like me.  Don't have a clue why.

We live in a small small town in Oklahoma and I absolutely love it here.  I am also a SAHM.  Except that I have so much going on in my life right now I'm never at home.  I collect antiques, I started canning this year, am planning 2 reunions 2 weeks apart--church and 20th class reunion.  My son just had surgery to repair an umbilical hernia and can't even run for 1 1/2 more weeks--AUGH, and on the 4th of this month I lost my best friend of 33 years.  And I just don't know how to make it through the days without her.  It's been a horrific month in my house.

I love this new forum.  Sorry so much info.
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Oh, and I also talk to myself continually.  Answer also.  Have to continually explain this while in Wal-Mart to ppl trying to answer me.  LOL  But lately I've started to carry on conversations with myself WHILE someone else is talking to me.  Do you think this is a BAD thing?   ;-)
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Wow that was like reading one big mixed Autobiography, what an interesting bunch of people ,my kind of people ,with Beautiful Babies like Linzolas gorgeus baby boy and folks who talk to the Animals ,like me,and hey I love squirrels so anywhere that bans the killing or hurting of them is fine by me.My Name is Margaret I live in a hot bit of California , originally from England, still have kids there who want to stay there in spite of my pleas to come live here, I have one daughter living an hour away who is so busy I hardly ever see her or her kids.C'est La Vie.Married 38years ,husband having a few issues I come to look up on Med help , also I have Allergys ,Hives. I am trying to sort out alone with help from the super Allergy site on Medhelp.Former Tutor and teacher in Uk I am interested in all froms of child behavior usually from the childs point of view I try to walk in their shoes.,so I nip around all the childrens forums hoping to learn and also to help.This forum is great.
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hi im claire
well i found medhelp searching for impantation through google and this website popped up! decided to join as me and my DP of 3years are trying for a baby and thought it would be very useful to talk to different people about TTC, which has been great picking up tips etc! and now after 3months weve fallen pregnantand i am now nearly 7weeks :)
Also i live in england out in the country which i love, even though the weather can be so **** over here!
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Thanks yall for responding it is great to meet you all!
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