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List of favorites

Just a list to name some of your favorite things in life. :-) Add more if you want to!

Colors: blue violet, blue-green

Animals: dogs, horses, dolphins, parrots, penguins

Things to do: taekwondo, horseback riding, hiking, playing with my son, spending time with my immediate family

Foods: homemade mashed potatoes, spaghetti, salmon, eggplant, apples (with peanut butter!), chocolate

Beverages: water, Barq's and IBC root beer, coffee, lemonaid, Bud Light Lime, Bailey's Irish Cream

Sports: taekwondo, horseback riding, baseball, hockey

Movies: Young Frankenstein, and recently, Kung Fu Panda, lol

Vehicles: Hummer, Harley, and Corvette (oh yeah...powerful, liberating, and sexy! Maybe I'll own all three one day when I'm rich and famous).
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Jesus He rocks :)
my children <3<3<3 my parents and family
colors: blue, mauve and green
favorite outdoor activities:  fishing, boating, swimming, riding bikes, pool, sand between my toes
food:  Italian, bbq, vegtables and fruit all kinds and of course seafood :) American ONLY
drinks:  I'm addcited to Arizona tea with ginsing and honey, water, ice tea
music: Christain, country and classic rock
plants:  passion vines and crowne of thorns
internet and medhelp :)  I'm addicted to it :)
book:  Bible

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I love the colors- Blue, Brown, Black, Green.

I love my Dog Julee.

Things to do: Scrapbooking, hiking, running (havent since my pregnancy but cant wait) spending time with my hubby, spending time on MedHelp :)

Foods: I love all types of food.

Beverages: water, Lemonade, Horchata, Thai iced tea, Oh and when im not pregnant i love me some margaritas, some mojitos, Madori sour.

Sports: Football

Movies: I love  scary movies, I own all the Saw movies. The notebook, Love all Al Pacinos and Robert Dinero movie. Love the Matrix movies, i think i have all of those too.  

Vehicles: Well though its not the most expensive car in the world...i love my ride. I have a new 2008 Ford Edge Limited Black. Its bad A**.  I dont have like a favorite car i dream with, but i would love to have a small Convertible 2 seater.

Other things i love or like...

I love the beach.
I love to dress up, though being pregnant sometimes makes me feel not so pretty.
I love to dance.
I love music.
I love my hubby.

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1. Husband
2. Grandkids
3. Camping
4. Cooking
5. Crafts
6. Food
7. MH
8. My pets
To start with, but not necessarly in that order.
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I love the color green

I love the beach

I love my family

i love my boyfriend

I really like chimpanzees i want one lol


I love junk food

I like to chew orbit gum

I LOVE the PORSHE CLASSIC 911 i want one in pearl color :) hope to owna brand new one someday

I like to look pretty lol

I like clean things

my favorite activity is SEX haha lol :) let the good times roll

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Hmm, favorite things.
Being with my family.
Traveling around seeing new and different places.
I LOVE the beach, I love watching the water and listening to the waves crash on the beach. Unfortunately, I don't live near a beach right now but I'm craving it!
I love the mountains, too, love driving up and looking at all of God's beautiful creation.
I love good food when it's prepared by someone else! Lol
I love horseback riding. Don't do it enough.
I love being outdoors. Did you guess that yet?
I love animals.
I love dancing, really! Just haven't done it in a long time.
I love talking to my friends on MH and meeting new people!
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Oh, I forgot to mention in the "favorite things to do" category: cruising around the MedHelp forums. :-)
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- Quiet moments with Mrs. Itsallwaves.
- Nature, as far away from cities and man's influence as possible.
- Being on or near the water (sail boats)
- Tranquil beaches
- Books, books, books. No foo foo please, but great fiction, science, art, history.
- Good music
- A good night's sleep.
- Peace and  quiet. I'm surrounded by noise. Everywhere.
- The truth and only the truth. I'm fed up with spin, superstition, politics, delusion, and B.S.
- Cats (stupid landlord won't allow it)
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Colors: Purple and green

Animals: tigers, rabbits, llamas

Things to do: alone time, reading, gardening, cooking, scrap booking, shopping, keeping in shape, antiquing, being on the beach

Foods: Almost anything Italian or Mexican, Really good pizza, mac and cheese, chocolate, fruit

Beverages: water, wine, beer, vitamin water

Sports: Football, GO COLTS!!

Movies:Dirty Dancing, Grease, Stand By Me, My Girl

TV: I basically only watch The Office and Grey's Anatomy and the food network

Vehicles: LOVE my Chevy TrailBlazer...Any Mercedes...

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These are a few of my favorite things....lalalalla

My dog
My husband (most of the time)
Board games
the state Fair
Ducks ( i really really really want one)
Apple decor for my kitchen
The internet
my yard
the mountains
The apple fest in the mountains each year in October
pizza and waffles (but not at the same time lol)
my big bed
soft blankets
My ipod

That's it for now!

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colors  yellow green
animals cats dogs reptiles
things to do be with my family, cooking, walks, vacations
food  seafood, steak, pizza, pasta
I love flowers

car....SRT8 300...need for speed
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and not forgetting most of all for me " America"
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Gardens , Rocks, shrubs, Cactuses big time,birds, Lizards, Dogs and horses, boats and the water ,all Oceans of the World, Coffee, Wimbledon, Big Cars if one can afford them now! Harleys (if I had one or not) and the dudes who drive them.
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really good-smelling roses
New England in the Fall
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first and formost my kids and 3 grandkids...music probably the second most important thing in my life...pizza,steak subs, fresh tomaatos out of the garden with lettuce and mayo on toast....summer
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Colors-blue-green, brown, turquoise and purple.

I love all animals and plan to own a baby Siberian tiger one day and yes it will stay a baby forever.

I love going for walks in downtown Cedarburg, walking by the lake, boating, swimming, sledding, riding on my Dad's Harley and playing with Noah of course.

Favorite foods are fried chicken, burgers, strawberries, cantaloupe, pizza, mexican food, ribs, steak, shrimp, anything chocolate and my all time favorite is sushi.

Beverages- Bacardi and diet, Sprecher Hefe Weis, long island iced tea, chocolate milk, white milk, coffee.

I only like sports if I am there. I like going to see the Brewers, Packers and the Milwaukee Admirals. My brother is the mascot of the admirals so it's always fun to go and see him act like an idiot.

Movies- Garden State, Almost Famous, Super Troopers, The Other Boleyn Girl.......

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