I have been turned on to many great bands from people on medhelp...because they are from all over

So please tell me one band that you like so i can check it out ?????
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My Fav Aussie band from the 70's they were a head of there time back in the day they are no longer together but there music is good..


Check them out.....
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Cool.....a girl on here told me about Eskimoe Joe....and i love Gyroscope both Ausie bands.
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I can keep naming but these may be boring to you dude
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If you're not into Christian Rock, don't bother! But I really like both of these bands!
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Third Day
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Sliver Chair
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Silver chair
(Sorry  for the typo)

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Pearl Jam-most people have heard of

The Clay People
Section 8-no longer together
Life of Agony-no longer together
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Yeah there are some great christian bands out....KUTLESS...really rocks.

There is another one that i have been trying to find....maybe you can help.

They played with Kutless at a show....they have a good looking male singer and a keyboard player....The keyboard guy seems to be the leader.   I think it starts with a c...but not sure.
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well dude i am 47 so my music i almost no more. i was of coasre a ZEP head, jimmy page is god...lol... all the classic rock stuff my screen name comes from my new fav good ole jimmy buffett.  "there is atale that i love to telll, i love it so well....jollyman sings for his supper everynight, the people love him so the treat hime so well.. oooo jollyman sing... check it out found jimmy buffett great for the nerves and will get ya happy!!!!!   But i do long for the days of dazed and confused and whole lotta love...lol    brian
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do many of you all reemeber ur first concert.... my brother took my to see Led Zeppelin may 25, 1977 for my 16th birthdat, man i can still see the whole show in my mind, and yes iwas under the influn ce of subtances..lol hey i was young and dumb.. but the show was great they started with the song remains the same and they ended there encore with rock and roll  i have probably been to over 100 shows but none will ever replace that one in my memories brings tears to my eyes  hell i am getting old,,,,,,lol      brian
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My first concert was ....Britney Fox    RATT and KIX.

What a show....Hair metal was the $hit in 1987.
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I'm gonna start a new thread with this question Jolly
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My favorite music comes from Josh Ritter, not a band, but a great singer/songwriter. I love his lyrics.
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Some of my favorites...

- Frou Frou
- Venus Hum
- The Radio Dept
- Bjork
- Imogen Heap
- Emilíana Torrini
- BT

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Spirit of the West in Canada - if they still exist.  They do one number of "I Got You, Babe" sung by two guys  lol  They're talented and funny.

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check out
radiohead ----
the frames
the automatic

u will find some of these on utube
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   What a great first concert! I have always liked Kix but never had the opportunity to see them.
   And you like Ratt! Have you ever heard of a band by the name of Arcade? Early 90's with Steven Pearcy as lead singer. I think that they only made 2 or 3 albums but I loved them.
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3 years ago I bought a new cellphone. It had a ringtone that took me 3 months to track down to an album. I bought it just to see if the hunch was something, and good dear have I listened to the group ever since! They've got at least two albums and I'm longing for the third. Their name is Takida. They're in it for the good, swedish rock. It's at least a recommendation if you like Rock/Pop from Europe. Another recommendation is Crash!
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I have got two words:

Boyce Avenue

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