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Make your own band

Ok jollyman has got me thinking and this is a tough question to answer but who would make up the greatest band ever. Take your favorite drummer, bassist, guitar player and singer and combine them into 1 band.

This question is very tough for some because the style of one might not match up with the others so think carefully.

To start with I would take

Vocals-Steve Perry (Journey)-Can you find anyone with a better voice?

Drums-Neil Peart (Rush)-A lot of great drummers but Peart just has an "IT" factor about him when he plays

Lead Guitar-Slash (G&R/Velvet Revolver)-Slash is a great guitarist, and the styles he can play-heavy to soft makes him a perfect fit for the band.

Bassist-Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)-Not only a creative genuis but all the bass guitar on Pink Floyd is via Roger
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thats easy LED ZEPPELIN.....they had it all alead singer who could bely out any kind of tune  john bonham, a drummer who was just incredible..one of the best all around musicians john paul jones.. and the man himself james patrick page..the ultimate  guitarist, producer..arranger
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Not what I was really looking for jollyman, but hey if that is what you think then that is your answer.
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Husband wanted in on this question.

Ian Astbury -lead singer (The Cult)

Dave Lombardo -drummer (Slayer)

Cliff Burton (RIP) -bass  (Metallica)

Zakk Wylde and Kerry King (Slayer) he wants 2 lead guitar players
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tom yorke  singer  radiohead
j bonham    drummer  led z
jimi henedrix   guitar   jimi
peter hook bass    joy division /new order

backing vocals          jim morrison
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Vocals...Stevie Nicks.."Fleetwood Mac"
Lead Guitar................."Kennny Loggins"
Drums........................ "Pink Floyd's" Drummer..LOL who was that?
Bass Guitar................. "Styx" Bas guitarist...LOL n who was that? :o/

I was from the early 70's..maybe you got that clue huh  rofll
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pink floyds drummer was nick mason..and styx bassist was john pannone, he died about 8 years ago
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Okay i want Bob Dylan to write......

Tommy Lee....... drums     ( Motley Crue )

Slash.........Lead Guitar     ( Guns & Roses )

Rob Trujillo.........Bass Guitar   ( Metallica )  

Jeff Keith......Vocals     ( Tesla )
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jollyman the is woth using now if he carked it !! oh im sorry!! Must be the medication:(
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Vocals- Freddy mercury ( I love the band Queen - isn't one song I don't like)

Drums-Stewart Copeland  ( the Police- another classic band) or Larry Mullen Jr ( u2)

Guitar(lead)- Eddie Van halen (hells yeah!)

Guitar (bass)-Flea ( RHCP)

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