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Man VS Wild, How would you survive?

I was wondering, has anyone seen this on, I believe, the Discovery channel?? I am completely grossed out by it, but I can't stop watching when it is on! I watched him set a trap for a skunk, kill it and actually eat it, and then he slept in the coat he used to catch it, which was soaked with spray! I watched him kill and eat rattlesnakes, mice, beetles, you name it!. He even stored his urine in the remains of the snake skin he ate and later drank it. And, he gutted a rotting sheep he found and fashioned its carcass into a sleeping bag!! Eww, I have only seen it a handful of times, but as icky as it is, I find it completely entertaining at the same time, I keep think this information may be useful someday!  

How far would you go if you were trapped or lost in the middle of no where with no supplies and no help around? I would be too scared to go near a snake, and I would steer clear of a skunk and I don't think I could eat mice or bugs. I think I would rather die than eat raw skunk! I guess I would probably drink my own urine, if there were no other options...I am interested in what others would do, I am such a whimp, I don't think I would survive very long at all. What about you?
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You know I have seen this programme its called survival and it also grosses me out, but I guess if you have to stay alive you eat anything, I hope I would draw the line and you can go a lot of days without food, not water, so I would concentrate on getting me plenty of water to drink, yes Bugs may work but not up higher in the chain.you know we may never know till we were there what lengths we would go to.I would always hope for trees with coconuts and berries and even eat Bark before an animal.
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Good question, Bops. I have not seen this on TV, maybe that`s a good thing. But I know I would try to survive on a vegetarian diet for as long as possible. I know a few roots, mushrooms, leaves and maybe some roasted worms would not provide as much energy as one might need to survive but the thought alone of skinning and eating a skunk might give me a heart attack. I once underestimated the need for food and water while canoeing for two weeks and bridged two days by eating roots and flowers and drinking water straight from the lake. That`s as far as real-life experience goes.
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Thanks to my "wonderful" somewhat military family background, I spent a summer when I was 16 at a survival camp, learning how to survive in the wilderness with nothing but your wits and a knife.

(We learned such important skills as stalking the elusive tackle/bait shop that was five miles down the road...and carried soda and candy. Getting caught sneaking over to the shop meant a night of sleeping with the goats). :-/ Baaaaah.

Ugh. I remember a lot of what I learned, but if I got dropped in the wild right now I'd start working on how  to use a knife, sticks, and leaves to make a cell phone and credit card to phone order a helicopter to drop me at the nearest holiday inn.

I will say that sleeping in a coat a skunk sprayed sounds incredibly stupid. I can think of better ways to catch a skunk (not that I'd want to) that don't involve ruining your clothes and announcing to every creature in the woods for days after that you're nearby.
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My dad taught survival training for the military so i would hope i would remember some of that if i was ever lost in the wilderness.  
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Are you freakin' kiddin' me?!  Have I seen it?!  He!!, I LOVE Bear Grylls!!!!  I'd like to survive all OVER him!  Damn!  Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm....and the man takes all his clothes off on the show alot...what a fine hiney!  ok, somebody slap me...lol.....Now, I would do just about anything to survive...and when it comes down to it, most people would do a lot of things they think they would never do...but we all have an innate, strong desire to survive...I am not a fan of bugs, and eating them would just about kill me, so I'd definitely be huntin' any damned animal I could before I had to eat a bug....but again....I would do anything to survive...I know alot of survival tricks from years of shows and books and just bein' a curious person....so I think I'd be okay barring getting eaten by something or some horrendous weather situation...Bein' lost at sea I'd think, would have to be the worst,, and the hardest thing to survive....
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I'm with you Jacqui, I love Bear Grylls, too!  Personally, I think if you're in the wilderness and you're starving, you'd do just about anything for food.  Even if you're a vegetarian, I'd be willing to bet that if you're hungry enough, you'd eat a stinkin' skunk, too.

I'd love to get lost with Bear!
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Haha! get lost with Bear...hehehe, You gals are too funny.

It is hard to say what you would do until you are actually the situation..I do have to agree though, that using your coat to catch a skunk seems just ridiculous. I can barely stand the smell of roadkill skunk, I cant imagine wearing a spray soaked coat to bed. It seems near impossible..unless you are a crazy wilderness survivalist,I guess, lol!
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Being a Native person, I learned some of this by experience (camping) and some by listening - like how to get water if I'm stuck in the desert.  Unfortunately, we don't have too many arid deserts in Canada.  Can I say I'd wrestle a polar or grizzly bear for a fur coat or is that pushing it  lol  Maybe I could wrestle a kitten or puppy out in the bush somewhere but the kitten or puppy would probably win.

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