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Before Marriage

John : Ah!..... at last, i can hardly wait
Jane : do u want me to leave?
John : NO! don't even think about it.
Jane : Do u love me?
John : Of course! always have and always will.
Jane : Have u ever cheated on me?
John : NO! why are u even asking?
Jane : Will u kiss me?
John : Every chance i get.
Jane : Will u hit me?
John : Hell No! are u crazy?!
Jane : Can i trust u?
John : Yes
Jane : Darling!

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Thanks for the giggles!
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Dear Sara
I am sure for most people that is not true, I would like to add that when couples get older and children are gone, They feel much closer to each other than when they started being together.
By the way, I used to live in Denton TX ( 1979-1983 ) going to TWU
How is everything up there ?
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Hi Rahim:  Small world!!  All is well in Denton.  We've grown leaps and bounds.  Too fast for my blood.  Dallas is moving in on us!!   But we are still that beautiful college town with the most gorgeous court house in Texas.  The square is really going great.  Concerts and celebrations of all kinds are still found.  Perhaps you recall the One O'clock lab band and all the other musicians in our little town.  We're getting lots of music festivals.  I hope you enjoyed your time here in Denton.

Your post does give me hope of a life after the children.  Thank you for all the wonderful stories and giggles.
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Another reason to smile,and your right marriage does get when your older and the children are gone-my husband and I have been married 30 years this year and it's getting better every day-met when I was 16 and got married when I was 18 first child at 20.

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Fun rahim as always ...  you are a lucky gal Narla ..
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That was cute, gave me a nice laugh, thanks for sharing.
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Telling you the truth I missed Denton very much "cool community" I used to go to Dallas for night life but for living Denton is something else
I hope you can come over with your pain and thanks again
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Thank you all for your nice comments
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This was very cute.. Had to read to a coworker!

BTW.. I was once told from a classmate that his parents didn't fall in love until after he left the home. Now I totally understand what they meant.
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