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McCain / Obama - Debate - Pappaw escapes from the home

Is it me or does McCain look like he has plastic hands and arms as he held the microphone last night?  Not to mention that he was walking like Tim Conway on the old Carol Burnette show (the little old man taking tiny tiny steps).  He also looks like he has had a stroke with one side drawn - so does that leave us with Tina Fey (love those videos) to run this country if elected???  mmmm......let me think about that.  She's pretty smart, but .......

I had respected his service - but last night with him wandering around while Obama was speaking rather than sitting down (like Obama did), and calling him "THAT ONE" - what was that about???  THEN, did you notice he diverted himself from shaking Obama's hand?  I guess he thought "that one" might rub off on him or something.   PLUS, he darted from the room leaving Obama and his wife to talk to "his friends" - the TN people that came to see them - I think the people there were MORE than happy to talk to Obama and his wife.

It was like someone had let Pappaw out of the "home" and wander around to make tacky comments while everyone is embarrassed for him.   Come one Pappaw - go back to your room to eat the jello you nailed to the wall.....  

Don't get me wrong, I haven't been an Obama supporter - but if Pappaw is all we have to choose .......

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LOL, you crack me up. My husband and I said he looked like a dang wax statue that decided to move.  I am sure they both wear bullet proof vests but it also looks like he has a back brace or something on.  

I am a Dem so I know who I am gonna vote for but if I were Rep I would be freaking out at grandpa and Mrs. Alaska...
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For being in a plane crash, then beaten by a crowd, then locked up for weeks with only minimal medical treatment, later being tortured -- he moves well.
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No one can compete with his history.  If we are using torture and POW captivity as the prerequisite for a good presidential candidate, there shouldn't even be a campaign.  

If we are using any other criteria, we still have a race, I think.
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You're right - as I said, I respected his service, but he looks rough ....of course he is 72 years old.  SO, if I were 72 years old, survived a plane crash, locked up for weeks with only minimal medical treatment, tortured, beaten by a crowd, I would .....yep, I would retire....   He served his country - we all respect that - but hanging on beyond your time isn't service - that's selfish glory seeking.     He mentioned that if we couldn't go into a country and make a positive impact, it should be reconsidered.  After watching him, I have personally decided that he can't make a positive impact on the mess we are in today.  I have reconsidered him....my right.

The attempt to avoid shaking "that one's" hand, avoid making any sense whatsoever and "build a buncha nuclear plants"....  just sad.   Being from the South, I have seen the avoided hand shakes - the "that one" (by the way, would equate to calling him "boy") - it infuriates me.   Trust me, if the TN residents didn't feel like him running from the room when he finished - was evident that they weren't his "Friends", I would be very shocked.  

The main thing I am saying is that the man looks like he is in rough shape.  His hands didn't move one time - looked like manequin hands, he could barely walk, was as rude to not only Obama - but Brokaw, too....  Pappaw needs to go the little retirement area, in my opinion.   His military service isn't going to do the Mrs. Alaska Beauty Queen a bit of good if she has to take his place if he has a massive health issue.   ----would you really vote for her for President?  

Good night John Boy - Good Night Ellen - Good Night PAPPAW - go to the house.
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Exactly!  I respect his service - one of my closest friends is a career military person - I TOTALLY respect those who serve for us.  Senator McCain made a choice to serve his country, he suffered the tragedy of war that we that don't serve can NEVER imagine, but that doesn't make him the best candidate to be the President of the United States of America.

I would never even dream of belittling his suffering, etc., -  he just, in my opinion, needs other qualifications than that of his service and capture.   His apparent health issues caused by whatever reasons, his choice for VP....enough said....  he just isn't going to be my choice.  

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I thought the same thing that he looked paralyzed or something but knew he couldn't be because he could move his arms.  I know of his torture and I'm not sure if that has to do with the way he looks.  But his arms look REALLY REALLY short.  I always thought he looked like that creature from the movie Weird Science.  And that has NOTHING to do with his service.  Just MY opinion of how he looks and this is in no way to discredit his service.  

And his service doesn't give him the right to discredit Obama by not even acknowledging him as much as to look at him in the other debate.  Then to call him THAT ONE shows his lack of respect for him when Obama showed him nothing but respect.  I just don't like him and he showed his true colors by referring to him as THAT ONE.  Just plain rude!!
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i watched the entire debate noticed what your talking about and yes it was rude....but we got soo much more to worry about than manners.....this country is in serious trouble.

As for McCain -yep hes an honerable war hero, real good man . nice family  and sorry for all hes been through very courageous....bottom line he is OLD  when and if he dies in the white house we get Palin for president good lord.....

Obamas got my vote and my conservative right wing republican (until now) husband is voting for him too.
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the more i watched this debate the more i dred having to vote... i was a mccain supporter but by watching trhis last debate i think both men are so far out of touch with "main street" america it is scarey.. i am more confused then ever.. why couldnt colin powell or ted nugent run for president!!!!!!
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rememebr mcacin was held captive for 5 and a half yrs, when they found out he was an admirmals son they wanted to release him but trhey had a pack u wouldnt be released till the men that were captured before u were released,, so when he turned down the releae he was beat and tortured unmercicfully for 3 yrs he can raise his arms above his shoulders, trhis man is a true american hero.. now if he would make a good president have no idea.. but he does know the world and politics.. so i guess we will see
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LOL Ted Nugget for Pres.
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mccain has been disabled since he was a young man as a result of torture, so making assessments based on his ability to move well is very much unfair and not entirely caused by age.  

has any one read day gardner's web site re: obama and if so, what are your thoughts???
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I understand perfectly well why he has restircted movements to his limbs. I think it is wonderful that he served in the military. I find it terribly unjust that any of our soldiers are captured and kept POW.

My husband served and I am just as proud of him as I am of any who serve this country.

However McCain and the beauty queen are not the ones I want to see lead my country. To each his or her own but I will vote Democrat...
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