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Musical Time Periods

What time period of Music do you enjoy listening to? Also if you would like you could list some of your most favorite bands/singers. :)


              What time period of Music do you enjoy listening to?

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Even though I'm only 18, I really enjoy music from the 80's and Earlier. That is the only music that I will listen to and I also enjoy Classical Music by Ludwig Van Beethoven and Mozart. :)

(Optional) Some of my Favorite Bands/Singers:

Duran Duran, ZZ Top, George Thorogood & The Destroyers, The Police, Steve Miller Band, Kenny Loggins, Ratt, Guns N' Roses, and Was (Not Was).

I have many others as well, but those are just a few of my favorites. :)
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I had to put other cus i like so many!! Theres not a whole lot that i hate theres some but not alot !! I love the 60's fun get and go music and the Beetles are awesome!! I love 80's music i was born in the 80's so i remember alot of it and i was a a total 90's child so thats definitely one of my favs.. (Boyz 2 Men I used to love them lol) !! And the 2000's have been my growing up time going out having fun and going clubbing so TONS of music to love also!! Oh i can't choose LOL!!
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My favorite is music from the "big band era" the 1940's, I also love big band jazz and easy listening.

I like Glenn Miller
Stan Kenton
Maynard Ferguson
Buddy Rich
Woody Herman

LOL, I imagine you have not heard of them, but, trust me, they are terrific.
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I missed the 50s but I love the music - love all music actually.  Some have already been mentioned.

Johnny Cash
Roy Orbison
Jerry Lee Lewis
Little Richard
Chuck Barry

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I also enjoy music by Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash.

I don't know if I have ever heard of Roy Orbison, Chuck Barry, or Little Richard before though, but I might have. :)
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Ireally don't think this will surprise many people

Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Deep Purple
Stevie Ray vaughn
Eric Clapton
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I am ditto w Brian,,
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