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So, Netflix has both improved and ruined my life, LOL.  I have a hard time watching 'regular' tv as tv schedules rarely match mine.   Enter Netflix.  Anything and everything I've EVER wanted to watch is there!  And I can watch it on my own schedule.  Love it.  But it does keep me from going to sleep when I should sometimes . . .ha ha

So, what do you binge on ---  what Netflix series/shows have you watched or are watching???
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The wife and I pick a series and watch it in its entirety.  Not necessarily in one sitting but we've been known to watch 4-5 episodes of Sons of Anarchy and Longmire.
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I watched 7 seasons of Nurse Jackie over a 2 weeks period.  It was so good, I would watch it again :)
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I also like How I Met Your Mother
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I too have discovered NetFlix and LOVE IT!  For me, Grey's Anatomy is my new  obsession.  It is ALL I watch!  With 14 seasons of shows I haven't even begin to watch them all yet.  I'm also discovering all sorts of movies and stand-up comedians and I am really glad I found NetFlix.  
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