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Need to hear vs. want to hear

Is it rude to tell people what they need to hear and not always what they want to hear? I see some pretty life altering things on here and too many people sugar coating problems. I do understand the need to be supportive, but think we have to realize with some of these people lives will be changed by what we tell them. Thoughts?
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It might be rude but you should do it anyway. Sugar coating things will or can cause complications later on. Yeah, you might not like the brutal truth but if you aren't straight forward things can progressively get worse. Don't ask for advice or share your story if you aren't prepared for any backlash, unwanted comments/advice, or the truth.
Like!! That's what I would click if this post had a like or not like to click on. ;) You should always say the truth, with respect.
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Keep it real I say even if it hurts Dont lie or smooth over tell it like it is
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If people aren't ready for the truth though they aren't really gonna hear what you're saying and defend the way things are which is sad but people can't be forced to change.
It annoys me when women on here complaint of abusive relationships and people tell them to stay and give it time. I know its hard, if my man ever hit me I'd be confused and wanna work it out but that's not the environment for me or my son. I'd leave.
You are absolutely right, people cant be forced to change but if they never hear the truth, they for sure wont change.
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I don't think it's rude at all I think the truth can be said in the nicest way possible and still upset someone sometimes so cutting straight to the point is easiest
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