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New Here....After Lots of Drama over an opinion

Hey everyone. My post about Adam Walsh got lots of panties in a twist, so I have decided to venture over here! I am very sorry if I offended anyone in my journal when I said that I didn't care about anyone over here!!! I have been on the Maternal/Child forum for almost 2 years, and apparently certain topics are absolutely forbidden....lol....jk. Anyways, just wanted to say Hi and I hope no one was overly annoyed with my journal burning up the recent activity section!!!

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Thoroughly enjoyed it , got really entertaining near the end, so here you are joining us to battle it out at times on the Social scene  well I see you have a sense of Humor you are going to need it.!!!  Welcome ,,,to a great place to have fun and let off steam,
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Welcome here! I'm not annoyed by your journal.
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Okay I read more of your posts on the journal and your 2nd one wuth the same title. I believe it would be a good idea to let this go and move on. I hold no bitter or angry feelings about the journal entry you had. Hopefuly that is true with most of the members here.
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It's okay; we're all entitled to our opinions.  We just need to know when to move on while remaining respectful of one another.  Love and Peace!
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I didn't see your whole journal thread, perhaps it got deleted, but glad things seem resolved one way or the other.

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Welcome to the Social Community .. am Amazed and Thrilled with your ability to regroup and join this community .. great group of people here and it works well as another venue here on MH.

When you spoke of Code Adam .. found this and thought of you this morning .. Not wishing to stir up the subject, but wishing to "share" with others .. since I did not know what "Code Adam" meant.

"Code Adam"

Code Adam is a powerful search tool for lost and possibly abducted children currently used in tens of thousands of establishments across the nation. The program is simple to learn and to implement: a special Code Adam alert is issued on the premises when a customer reports a missing child.

Offered free of charge to participants, it is one of the country’s largest child-safety programs, created and named in memory of 6-year-old Adam Walsh.

How it Works

Code Adam decals are posted at the entrance of participating buildings/establishments. Employees of participating establishments are trained to take the following steps when a Code Adam is activated:
Obtain a detailed description of the child and what he or she is wearing.

Go to the nearest in-house telephone and page “Code Adam,” describing the child’s physical features and clothing. Designated employees immediately stop working and look for the child. Designated employees monitor front entrances to ensure the child does not leave the premises.

If the child is not found within 10 minutes, call law enforcement.

If the child is found and appears to have been lost and unharmed, reunite the child with the searching family member.

If the child is found accompanied by someone other than a parent or legal guardian, make reasonable efforts to delay their departure without putting the child, staff, or visitors at risk. Immediately notify law enforcement and give details about the person accompanying the child.

Cancel the Code Adam page after the child is found or law enforcement arrives.

Bio on his mom and dad and the strength and love they showed in the face of despair.

John Walsh
In the summer of 1981 John Walsh was a partner in a hotel management company in Hollywood, Florida. He, his wife Revé, and their 6-year-old son Adam seemed to be living the American dream. All that changed on July 27, 1981, when Adam was abducted and later found murdered.

It wasn’t long after Adam’s death that the Walshes’ grief turned into a mission to help missing and exploited children. John and Revé’s work led to the passage of the Missing Children Act of 1982 and the Missing Children’s Assistance Act of 1984. The latter Act founded the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

In their son’s memory they also founded the Adam Walsh Child Resource Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to legislative reform. Originally located in West Palm Beach, Florida; Columbia, South Carolina; Orange County, California; and Rochester, New York; the centers merged in 1990 with NCMEC where Walsh serves on the National Advisory Board of Directors.

Off to work .. many hugggss ..
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John Walsh is an increadable man out of grief and sorrow he may be one of the best child advocates ever he has helped bring thousand to justice he is a hero.
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I completely agree about John Walsh! Thank you for listing out the desrcription of Code Adam! It is all good to know, and most people don't know what it means!
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Along with most of the nation, we all lived the tragedy as adults, back when it happened.  
Code Adam was drilled into everyones head, and parents had practices quite often to teach their children about this type of situation.

Its a good thing to reinforce for parents who did not live and learn it at the time.  It would be very good to make this into a health page, for everyone to read about.
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In Minnesota we have the "Amber Alert"........when a child is missing it goes over every channel on the TV.  It is also on the signs over the Interstates also.  Very effective.
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The Adam Alert is quite well known by those of us who are out of our early twenties.  

What a tragedy for the Walsh family.  No prison sentence could have been sufficient to punish that monster and the way he sought to manipulate the system was disgusting.
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