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Just wondeing if anyone has ever heard of OpenOffice and its printing capabilities.........if so, how does it work.......looking for a free printing program because I can not afford a update of my Lexmark right now.............any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....I posted this in computer forum and did not receive a answer

This spring I have had to spend out a lot of money on my heat pump a/c and now refrigerator going out

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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I use OpenOffice.org all the time.  In my opinion it is far better than MS office, if not for the operation and options then for the price. Free!!  Not to mention you can convert from many different formats that MS office can not read, let alone convert.  Oh, and one more thing, far less of a chance for a virus with openoffice than MS office.

As for printing, that all works through your operating system and computer system it self.  Lexmark? isn't that your printer? and/or printer driver?  Sounds so familiar.  Either way, OpenOffice is the Linux equivalent to MS office that works on Windows machines.  It's something like 100 or 200 meg download.  A cable connection only need a few seconds to download this, don't know how many months it would take with a dial-up modem.  If you have a dial-up or other slow connection then find someone with a fast connection and have them put it on a CD for you.  (they, openoffice, may do that for you for the price of the CD(?)).
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Open Office is great. I use it on my mini laptop and love it. It is FREE which is probably the most awesome thing ever. lol. It was quick to download and it's easy to use.
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