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Opinion on Global Warming

I have been wondering what is really happening to our climate we hear all this information from Gore and many TV programmes about the fact we (Humans) are to blame for the Gobal warming, yet there are many nay sayers, I believed it after seeing Gores film, but now I am not so sure, what are your views on it .
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many peolpe in the sciecntic field have proven that climates run in cycles, and that this is one of those cycles. and they have the proof. so i am sure all the pollution and things we as humans have done does not help but i feel it still mostly mother nature taking care of things
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I agree with Jollyman.  Science has proven that the Earth goes through cycles.  However, I do agree that we should be careful and take care of our environment as God would have us do.  But, there is no reason to be fanatical about it.  
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I tend to agree with jollyman069 and HelpinUtah.  
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Rather than take a guess, I'm going to turn to the experts. I do know that humans are pouring carbon dioxide into the atmosphere much faster than plants and oceans can absorb it.
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Here is a website with the facts. It gives information on past climate change and recent climate change, as well as the health and environmental impact that global warming is and/or could have.

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I thought it would be a mixture of both I see that most think the same by the Poll.I agree it is good that even we arent only the culprits and a lot is the Natural cycle it is good that we are starting to take more care.Mind you one thing kinds of rankles, I dutifully recycle into my 3 trash cans only to hear that in my area of CA that it is all being thrown into the landfill and that the plant here isnt doing to recycling as companies are closing down,who take it.
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I think it is Revalations unfolding.  Setting up the stage if you will. All that is happening has already been foretold. Nothing we do or dont do will change it. IMO,
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  Yes I tend to agree with you because although there are shifts in ocean currents (el nino, la nina) and over time extreme catastrophic climate change (as may have lead to evolutionary periods of extinction) there have been some extreme changes in the climate pattern that do not bear out with any standard shifts in climatic patterns. To put it simply I have never heard of tornadoes in N.Y.C. and when that happenned two years in a row and add the West Nile Virus which was caused by an extremely warn summer. As well as winters with extreme thunderstorms. Need not go on..
The question is what is a practical way to develop solutions to standard sources of fossil fuel without burdening the average taxpayer. Frankly, I believe if America developed new sources of fuel and had no dependence on foreign oil the power and influence of some of the dictatorships we are defending our country from in the mideast or their allies might come to an end.
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I know that many of you may not like what I have to say.  But, fortunately, I have the right to free speech.  There is only one that can change the climate; God.  He is the only one that will decide the fate of the climate and world we live in.  He made everything and everyone in this world and can take it from us in an instant.

I do think that we all have a responsibility to take care of this earth that was created for us.  I am a true believer in green technology and products.  I clean my residential homes only with Green cleaning products.  I feel that most chemicals are not safe for humans or the environment.  I also feel that we need to have different fuel alternatives.  Wind is a natural resource that can be used many different ways.  We need to change the foods that we eat as well.  We put too many pesticides and other unnatural ingredients into out foods and this causes too many health problems.  

See, people are responsible for what happens in this world and what happens to it.  God made us and our sins.  So this is what causes all of the problems that we have and will continue to have.  I also respect your opinion about Global Warming.  I just think that too many people make up these sort of things for publicity, money and political agendas.  
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I don't leave everything up to God. I take responsibility for my own actions and don't put the blame on Him. I see it this way: God created us and gave us the best gift of all.... FREE WILL. He can't be blamed for everything that is happening. This is our planet and since we've been polluting His creation, we are to blame.
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See, people are responsible for what happens in this world and what happen to it.

That is what I had said.  I do not blame God for our sins.  We created them all by ourselves.  We created the sins and god created us.  So, sorry if you did not understand what I was saying.  Sometimes, my thoughts may not come out in my writing the right way.  
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Nope, I am not blaming God. However maybe he is fed up with us? He warned us of these events that we speak of.  All I can say is, dont take my word for anything. Read the book and draw your own opinions.  I do not see this country going backward 50 or 100 years. I think the reason all this is happening is not because of our pollution, although it does not help the situation at all. I would only add that I did not give my opinion to upset anyone, just simply to share my own view, as all have. :(
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Well that is complex. But if people have done things that are destructive to each other the best way to solve the solution would be to do something constructive to undo it. There could be multiple causes for climate change, pollution among them. I can't comment on particular belief systems but I do agree that when people are destructive and/or selfish that kind of behavior usually reflects back on them. But in a pragmatic sense when I was growing up there was a debate over the cause of the increasing hole in the ozone layer at the poles. People debated whether the cause was flurocarbons or not but once legislation was passed to eliminate those the problem began to lessen so it turned out to be true. We could not within realistic expenses, especially in a reccession, change over immediately to alternative fuels. But that would be a reasonable goal to work on once they have been turned into something practical and affordable. I'd like to see a world without any dependence on foreign oil or on any country who has a despotic regime of any kind. We would still need to defend our country but economically we would not have to negotiate with them as we would not be dependent on them. I think that is a worthwhile goal regardless of whether it ultimately reduces climate change although it may. But electric cars would reduce known sources of pollution. Its a matter of making them economically feasible. As for any overall plans the more people work with each other in a constructive manner I would think be known as well as to what you discuss.
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I have this afternoon been listening to a programme about Global Warming Lord Monkton a UK Scientist along with other scientists have said in the UK on the BBC that there is no truth in the story of Global warming he said in fact we are cooling down . I have googled it and I do see a lot of scientists from Japan and round the World disput it,not that we are causing it but that it actually doesnt exist and the waters are not rising at the level Gore said.The Polar bears are not suffering as had been said in fact they do not live on ice they are land Mammals they go on ice for food, seals and fish.Google Global Warming,True/False its interesting.
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Its a shame its a political issue to begin with. On either side. I do vote democratic but Al Gore gets on my nerves. He seems more out to promote himself (claiming to have invented the internet, etc.). There is some cogent proof but climate change has turned from a scientific issue under investigation into a slogan:
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I agree with both of you.  It is definitely a political issue on both sides and is rather annoying. If only these career politicians really knew what it was like to actually live like us.  Oh my, how would they go on.  LOL  Reality is tough for alot of them and this is why they like to stay as politicians.  They love to create problems and act like they are really solving them.  Instead, it is a way for each of them to get more money to support their crazy programs.  This is an issue on both sides.  What would George Washington say if he were still around?
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I can't believe that it is still a political issue. I see it this way.... let's say the global warming experts were wrong. What would we have to lose by reducing greenhouse gases ? Nothing ! In fact, we would end up making our planet a healthier place to live and also become energy independent and like iladvocate said, not rely on dictators for our oil !
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It is definitely a political issue.  I do agree that we need to make alot of changes in order to be energy independent.  We do rely on other countries way too much for many things including oil.  I am all for saving the environment.  Like I said before, I clean homes and am very cautious about what products I use.  I prefer to use green products.  We also can be fooled into thinking something is a green product when it really isn't.  It is the same with Fruits and Vegetables being organic.  We'll there are not very harsh standards on what is organic or not.   I have one woman that I take care of that is all about organic foods but she did not know that they painted the fruits and veges to make them look nice.  We also rely too much on food being shipeed in from other countries and this has shown to become a real problem.  I am like you all, I really want to see this beautiful country that we live in be healthy and look good as well.  I also want to see people live longer and learn that life is about preserving the earth that God has given us.  Sorry if this sounds confusing but my ADD can really take over sometimes.  Especially later at night.  Thanks,

Your friend,
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I believe they have a cure for cancer, however, it will never be used because can you imagine what would happen in the medical industry? People would live, we would become over populated, multitudes of businesses would automatically be pulled under and closed, just the money made off of testing and treating cancer alone, would dramatically effect all aspects of our econemy. Doctors could also give you a cheaper home remedy for a lot of your ills, but if they did, would be put out of the medical field and their practices closed.  And so, the issue of oil. Years ago, a man developed a system that ran on water.  And you know what happened? One of the car companys bought him out and kept it from being patented.  
Too big a loss in money. There will be wars over oil until the end of time and Chavez is sitting on a big chunk of the bounty.
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First of all, notice that NOW Global Warming is usually called Climate Change.  That's because "they" are having to admit that the climate has always fluctuated in cycles.  So, to be politically correct, it is now Climate Change.

BUT, if WARMING was caused by CO2 emissions, then why did the climate begin to cool again after World War II for about 30 years?  This cooling occurred at a time when emissions of CO2 were rising sharply from the reconstruction effort and from unprecedented development.  *It is important to realize that.*

The experts during that period of time were warning of Global Cooling, and people were scared.  

By 1978 it had started to warm again.  After temps peaked in 1998 under the influence of El Nino, climate stopped warming for 8 years; and in 2007 entered a cooling phase marked by lower solar radiation and a reversal of the cycles of warm ocean temps in the Atlantic and the Pacific.  *And here again, it is important to note that this new cooling period is occuring concurrently with an acceleration on CO2 emissions, caused by the emergence of two industrial giants: China and India.*

So, if it's not CO2, what is it that makes the world's temperature periodically rise and fall?  The obvious answer is the sun, and sea currents in a subsidiary manner.

(I read this in The Washington Times, Jan. 30, 2009; article by David J. Bellamy and Mark Duchamp; but I did not quote the entire article...)

From the very beginning of the "Global Warming" scare, my gut told me it was hype.  Remember the Y2K garbage?  Anytime the government can get us all worked up about something, they can create a department and bilk more money out of us.  Get us scared and you can separate us from our money....
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There are many alternatives to fossil fuels such as solar power, use of wind to drive electricity and when its regulated safely nuclear power. All of these are viable solutions. Its just a matter of decreasing their expense and increasing their productivity. There will always be wars over political reasons and economic reasons but oil would not be a problem if we had viable alternative fuels. If electric cars were affordable that would be a big start.
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The reason its called climate change is the overall rise in temperatures has disrupted the ocean currents so some places do see a drop in temperature or unusually cold weather. The problem with some "research" on global warming/climate change is its to prove it doesn't exist and so that various companies are not required to have big expenditures to regulate pollutants. I would think that rather than regulations that could further impact on the economy to begin with that the funds be dedicated to finding workable solutions. There are many known sources of pollutants that disrupt the atmosphere causing problems such as acid rain and the increase in asthma and other chronic illnesses that are highly known but regulating them is very expensive. Rather than increasing regulations it would be best if the government worked with the various companies to develop financial incentives for more clean energy sources. Especially if in the long run they saved money.
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I totally agree that 1. it doesn`t make a difference if "Global Warming" is true or not. To improve our environment should be the main concern. Whether we can "save the Earth" is another question. 2. It is very true that in the search for alternative fuels and methods to run industrialized nations, many new opportunities arise and partial independence from oil.

In the early 1980s the country I came from started recycling with very strict waste management and waste avoidance systems. The government supported new waste recycling systems with the goal of reducing landfills to almost zero to reduce emissions from landfills. With government incentives inventors, manufacturing industries, home owners and individual consumers were encouraged to make "better choices". For new buildings the energy efficiency had to comply with a certain high standard and existing buildings or production plants were encouraged to improve their efficiency with government funded systems.
Wind power parks were created, solar systems greatly improved and with is came thousands of new jobs and technologies.
On a small scale it meant that consumers were discouraged to buy any beverages in plastic bottles but rather refundable glass, they were allowed to leave unnecessary product packaging behind in stores so the stores had to recycle it and eventually the food industry made a huge effort to reduce and improve their packaging. Same with phosphates in laundry detergents: consumers started to ask for products without phosphate to save the fish in rivers and lakes so the detergent industry eventually changed their products. Appliance manufaturers offered a lot of energy saving options becasue consumers asked for it.

I am writing this to point out that changes are doable and the country is world leader in some technologies and waste management systems. However, it took about 15 years between being rather a burden to companies and individuals to showing success. Initially, no doubt, the financial burden of making all these improvements was dragging down the economy - something no country will want right now - and building prices tend to be horrendous thanks to all the technology built in but the environmental improvements troughout are obvious now, 30 years later, and thousands of new jobs have been created catering to the goal of improvements of the space we live in.

Living in North America now I see the baby steps being taken here that seem like the beginnings I remember from the early eighties "back home". And to be honest - I don`t blame people feeling suspicious about the purpose of it all. After all the situation is different now - globalization of markets has pushed India, China and other Asian markets forward that will not have the means to implement environmentally friendly options unless we stop asking for their products, which we won`t. So there is a hopeless touch to it all that may have triggered the whole Global Warming debate. However, it is always worth it to protect the space we live in and educate ourselves about the methods to do so. Just as we protect our own home.

Sorry this got so long. Global warming - is it true? I think so. The polar bears up here in Churchill are suffering as less areas are accessible via ice. Is the warming man made? Partially for sure, holes in the ozon layers have well been documented. Is a change in solar system a culprit? I don`t know, just as I don`t know how God would be linked to all this.
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I voted "Natural" From the beginning of time, our Earth has gone through these cycles, so, there is no reason for it to stop now. I feel we should take care of our "earthly" home to the best of our ability, the Lord wants that, but, I don't feel that we have to get hysterical either.

I read all the posts and they all make sense to me. God doesn't make anything happen per say,we have a "free will" and if we ruin what He has given us, then so be it. I also think that some of this could very well be the start of end times. I am sure no expert in that area, but, when you read Revelations and then correlate to all that is going on, especially lately, it sure seems likely to me.

Anyway, just my thoughts.
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