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Pain under my left breast

about 2 weeks ago i developed a really bad cough and sore throat, like i was getting a cold, the sore throat is gone and all that remains is a hard cough and plenty of phlem in my lungs. i dont know if the fact that the phlem is hard to cough up matters but i have now had for the last week a pain under my left brest. like underneath it in the muscles by my ribs. i dont know if i srained it coughing too much or what but its unpleasent, i cant breath deep or stand straight, cough or really tweak that side of my body too much without it sending shooting pain. if it helps, i have been describing it to people as it feels like a rib is poking my lungs or something. this has just been causeing me a great deal of discomfort and i was trying to save a trip to the doctor... any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds like you pulled a muscle near a rib I have busted up a few ribs,in my life ,sailing, they can be darn painful,and nothing to do for them, I put a crepe bandage firmly round it, or a back support ...however as you have had a nasty cough I think you should speak to your Doctor who may want an Xray just to be safe ..good luck
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