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Painkiller Ban

A Food and Drug Administration panel voted this week to pull from the market drugs that contain a combination of narcotics and acetaminophen, including Vicodin and Percocet. The concern is it can cause liver damage when taken in too high of a dose. The worry is obviously those who abuse these drugs and take them in too high of dosages. Doctors say the drugs are safe when taken correctly.

So, in other words. they are willing to pull drugs that are very effective for pain treatment because of a fear of abuse from some people. The only problem is, they will then have to come up with another type of painkiller that could be a weaker narcotic, causing unnecessary pain and discomfort, or a stronger one which could increase the risk of addiction.
So, let me get this straight. They want to pull very affective painkillers (which can only be prescribed by doctors) because they're afraid people will abuse them and may wind up replacing them with painkillers that can become addictive. Huh?

This is what frightens me, people. We keep dumbing down our society and treating people as if they can't be trusted just because a few can't. Most of us would take the medication properly but because a few people abuse it, the rest of us would have to suffer.
What would be next? Shall we pull Twinkies off the shelves because some people may eat too much thus causing diabetes, obestity, etc.? How about alcohol? After all, even though most of us know how to drink sensibly and not abuse alcohol or get behind the wheel of a car after drinking and killing someone else, there would be some who would abuse it, so therefore I think we should pull all alcohol.

Where does it stop? Why should the ones who are doing the right thing suffer because there's some who can't seem to do that?

I have taken both of these drugs after surgeries and didn't abuse them. I took them for a week or so until my pain was manageable and that was it. The doctor only prescribed a certain amount, too, usually just a couple of weeks worth. Why can't they just do that? Why not have the doctors limit the amount they gave out?
It is a very affective drug for easing pain. What worries me is if people will have to suffer more now with pain because they're afraid a few may abuse it.

The FDA hasn't made an official decision yet so doctors are still prescribing the drugs. I was given a prescription to fill for my daughter since she will be getting her wisdom teeth pulled at the end of this month. I guess I'd better go ahead and fill it to make sure she'll be able to have it.

This really, really concerns me, folks. What are everyone's thoughts on this?

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I saw this but didn't read the whole article.  It's a crazy world.
I do wish they would make chocolate candy bars and ice cream illegal- then maybe I would do better at dieting.
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The problem is the leading cause of liver transplants in this country are due to painkiller overdose. This is something that could easily be prevented because most of these people don't know how powerful acetaminophen is and what is does to your liver. It is a fact that taking acetaminophen will increase your liver enzymes. I knew of a patient who gave birth to a child and only days later, was admitted back into the hospital due to liver failure.

The FDA is just encouraging people to take lower doses of acetaminophen and they want to to make the 1,000-milligram dose of acetaminophen available only by prescription, as well as limit the maximum single dose of acetaminophen to 650 milligrams.

I have to support the FDA's recommendations. I actually think that their decision is long overdue.
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April you said it all,,these are good effective pain meds when used properly, what next what about prohabition isnt alcohol a big , even bigger problem with cirrohis, drunken driving, bar fights etc...because a few abuse alcohol the many who enjoy a drink,,,,grrrr dont even want to start on cigarettes,,why not ban them too,,,this is scary stuff people,,
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Taking lower dosages might be ok. I don't think they should put a whole ban on the medications. Maybe the doctors need to be more careful about monitoring their patients on these drugs? Like I said, they should limit how much they give and only give it in circumstances where it's really needed, like after recovering from surgery.
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A quote from Dr. Lewis W. Teperman (director of transplant surgery and vice chairman of surgery at New York University) :

"If you took an entire bottle of Tylenol Extra Strength, three days later you would be in a coma and needing a liver transplant."
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I don't believe the FDA is trying to ban certain medications....they just want to lower the maximum daily dosage.
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I wonder why they could not have the prescriptions made with less acetaminophen ?
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or maybe all drug addicts should just die paving the way for all you upstanding citizens.. when you have been molested and raped as a child and do not receive the care you need and turn to drugs to deal.. I guess death is what I deserve.. Glad I read this as I do not think a addict is welcome in this community.. Thank you for taking the time to read from this lowly drug addict.. lesa
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Great question. I know the government did a public awareness campaign, but despite their efforts... their studies indicated that people were still (unintentionally) overdosing on these OTC medications and as a result, being diagnosed with liver damage and possibly needing a liver transplant.
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Does the same rule apply to advil that has ibebrufen does it do the same liver damage?
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No. Ibuprofen doe not contain acetaminophen. I believe that the advised maximum dose for ibouprofen is a daily dosage of 1.200 mg. Of course it depends on the manufacturer... so always read the label. (excluding Tylenol... listen to the FDA and consider their suggestions instead ; ^)  )
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PlateletGal, it was in my newspaper this morning that they may put a ban on it. Liver damage is usually Cirrhosis due to hepatitis C and  the leading cause for liver transplantation which can be from many factors, not just drug abuse or alchohol, from my understanding.

Please, I didn't mean for this to be a bad post. I just thought it was an interesting subject. I did not mean to offend anyone.
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