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Physicians Increasingly Support a Single-Payer National Health Insurance System

February 13, 2009

"US physicians increasingly support a single-payer national health insurance system, according to the results of a survey reported online January 29 in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

“Many politicians may mistakenly believe that single-payer national health insurance lacks support among key stakeholders such as doctors,” lead author Danny McCormick, from Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA), said in a news release. “Our finding that support for single-payer national health insurance now approaches that of tax-based incremental reforms suggests that a Medicare-for-all-type plan may be more politically viable than conventional wisdom suggests......”

"Of 3300 physicians sent the survey, 1675 (50.8%) responded; 49% prefer either tax incentives or penalties to promote the purchase of health insurance; 42% prefer a government-run, taxpayer-financed single-payer national health insurance program, which increased from 26% in a study 5 years previously; and only 9% prefer the current, employer-based financing system....."

See:  http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/588331?src=mp&spon=17&uac=39980BG
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I don't know how many people here want to get help but have a problem with health care coverage. I would say any form of coverage that is for all Americans but has a graduated premium is fair. Obviously health care reform is essential. It should be something that doesn't burden taxpayers and people can afford at the same time. As well physicians should want to accept this form of coverage. Clearly there will be negotiations and its of direct importance to me.
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I am fortunate to have very good health insurance. I know my hospital/medical bill from 2000 to date is easily over 1 million and probably closer to 2 million. I didn't pay a cent.
So I am alright but so many people aren't that it's a national crisis and an issue I care very much about.
I was somewhat surprised to learn that physicians may be in favor significant reform because most of the blogs are about how we're going to be standing in lines and how we won't have any doctors left and how no one will want to go to medical school.
I found this encouraging.
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I can only imagine that doctors and hospitals would support this. If all the people who don't have insurance now could go to the doctor, the doctors would end up very, very busy. Cha-Ching! The hospitals would also have much less unrecoverable debt. If you think of all the people that go to the emergency room  and have no insurance, don't pay the bill. Along with all the unpaid bills from procedures done. I could only guess this would bring down the price of medical care since most bills would be paid. Hospitals and doctors carry unbelievable amounts of unrecoverable debt right now.
I'm curious how this would work in weeding out illegal immigrants abusing the American Medical system, with false names etc?  If all  US citizens had insurance and illegals didn't? Sounds good to me.
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Its not going to be a problem. I well know for people who are undocumented that in applying for Medicaid that they demand extensive proof of documentation. If someone shows fake documents at the Medicaid office that's a federal crime. I've helped people who were not citizens yet recieve that but they all had a green card and were here legally and after the 5 year period of eligibility intended to apply for citizenship and many did. That's standard for all immigrants. Someone can't just come here and become a citizen. There's a waiting period and procedures. As of illegal immigrants all they are eligible for is emergency Medicaid. The main problem is that then they don't recieve medical care and this has not only detracted from their health but from the people around them.
Its a seperate discussion and one I wouldn't start as it would create antagonism but I prefer immigration reform where more people can come here legally to begin with but the express intentions that if they are coming to the United States they have to work and pay their own way. And most work at jobs Americans wouldn't take. Its a very complex issue to begin with but my same stance applies to legal immigrants. A person coming here should have the ability to work. All the people I know who immigrated here are working and as for the  people I helped if they became too disabled to work it was because of an injury on the job while working in the United States that left them severely disabled.
   In N.Y.C. what overburdens the health care system is not immigrants but people who don't have coverage in general as well as people who are homeless, many of whom with proper housing and psychiatric medication recover enough to stabilize and a good percentage of those people actually return to work and pay their own way. The main targeted goal of benefits should be to help someone up and then have them be self sufficient unless they have a severe disability in any case.
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Everyone born here is entitled to health insurance. That is a tax I would gladly pay. All they would have to do is add it to our taxes. I would think so anyway.
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If you all want universal healthcare, you all can have it, but I don't want it.  

Do you all really think that this is going to make things better.  The only thing this will cause is more problems and more deaths.  I guess if the government wants to lessen the population then I guess this would be good.  The only thing I hear is that any other country that has this the patients suffer by waiting in line for healthcare, unless you are on your deathbed.  A relative of mine told me a story about her friend that lived in Canada.  She was diagnosed with cancer at the last stage.  She went to the doctors for years but could not get them to do the tests since there was a waiting list.  She waited 5 years and finally was able to get the biopsy and of course it was too late.  She died waiting for care.  Unfortunatley, this happens all too often in many other countries as well.

This is what happens when government thinks they can take over the health care system.  There has to be a better way.  I really wish that we could just figure it out because universal health care is not the answer.
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