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President Bails Out Automakers

So what do you think about this? I am glad in some ways but then I look at how much they make from selling cars. Then when they get in a crunch they get bailed out. I know if the president didnt do it the economy would really be a mess! In the long run we will be paying there debt back to me thats not fair. We need to have the 500 million people march and take a stand against these unfair ridiculous BAIL outs.

I feel we are doomed either way but thats just how I feel.
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i was in the car indusatry for about 10 yrs before i got sick, i was a salesman then salesmaneger of  anew car dealership...we sold Chevrolets, Buicks and Toyotas.. and back in the late 90's  we were saying that Gnm would be lucky to stay in business.. they put out junk, the problems were terrible. now if you bought a 40k park Avenyue or caddie you had a nice car, but the mid size and small cars were horrible. With Toyota we had very few problems with any of there vehicles..so they put thierselves in this postion they dont have car people running the company.. Rick Wagoner who is Ceo of GM was a cpa for them and worked up and now is Ceo.. he is not a car guy he knows numbers not cars!!  i hope to god they can work it out and make them profitable again. but it is a steep hill to climb and they econmy isnt helpoing either
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We, and I say we, because we are going to be the ones paying the bilout. Right? Correct me if I am wrong. Who's going to bail me/out. They wamt to repo. my car . foreclose on my car, cut lightsd off, and starve me. All so they can continue their $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$salaries. I know. My cousin was asked to retire early if he wanted to. Gave him big $$$$$$$$. Was making close to $70/hr. Yes. The money he got when left early bought home on Lake Oconee. Bush having home built there, so I've heard. Reynolds is near us. We are in a cow pasture. It is about 15 miles up road. Back to subject at hand, and het this a huge foreign SUV and a midsize foreign SUV. He still draws check monthly. NOW, when he was working he didn't even stay at the plant. My aunt, not his MOM said he would visit and if they needed him they called. Sometimes he wasn;t need4ed all day. If it was after hours and they had to call, yes overtime. This cousin we are fairly close, my mom's brother's child. He knows the struggles we are having. Do you think he has offered a loan, Not a handout. Get real. When my son was dying and we were seeking tx. at DUKE but had to have $2000.00 for each treatment, no family help. Strangers hepled, people we had never seen before. Now, you had better believe he brags about the money he got and that he is receiving. I had to leave the room it made me so nauseated, but not before I said, "It's not what you make, but what you do with it. You can't take it with you." Do I sound angry? YES !!!!. I worked !!! I never looked at my job as a job. I saw it as a mission and a calling. God took care of my family as I provided comfort, compassion and care to his people. If they were unsure I helped them to receive Christ before they died. I was a hospice nurse, before I was terminated for being a liability to the company. I had a W/C claim since 2/07. Was terminated 10/3/08. Many times I spent money on Patients that needed things like air cond. or portable heaters in winter. Some needed food when food stamps were not enough. Christmas for children and a birthday cake for grandchild whose birthday was the day after his grandmother died. I don't say these things for recognition. My CNA I worked with did these without anyone in company knowing, for had they, e would have been fired. Please, don,t take it that I am asking those here for money. But family, I would help them. I try not to worry and have faith God will provide. He has thus far. Collectors have given extensions that others can't believe have been given. They didn't give them. I know the one that did. I know I am not the only one that is affected and I pray for peace for each of us and to those that believe, the increased faith to know we will be taken care of. Thanks for allowing me to vent. It's that I just received a call from other Aunt who said cousin was there this am bragging that he had given '06 auto to someone. I know they were blessed and I guess that was God's plan. Why would he want to brag?  So long gotta go send car pay. via Western Union. Thankful my brother gave early Christmas present last night. Now only owe 3 behind. I still believe I am blessed. We have our health, still have our home and food. Thank you Lord for your blessings on me.   Blessings to all of you and Merry Christmas.  

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From what I understand, the president has given the big 3 thirty days to show him a plan that will keep them profitable and has stated it will be a loan to be paid back by them, not a bailout.  I think that is a great idea myself. One thought to add tho is the big 3 have unions, and I do not think Toyota and other foreign car makers do. Toyota does not have to pay for all the benefits and work more for much much less. Gone are the days of getting retirement for a lifetime invested in a company. Now you get an hourly wage and if your lucky some kind of half asssssed insurance package that doesnt cover scripts or much of anything else.
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Teko you know they will find a way to try and trick the government. As for the big chiefs working for 1 dollar I dont buy that either. Its a waiting game now but rest to sure in some way or another WE will pay for there loan wait and see.
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I smell a rat with this bailout........Loan??  We will end up paying for it in the long run.  
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I have the same gut feeling I am afraid.  I sure do hope we are wrong. Regardless, it will be interesting to see who steps up to the plate for a bailout next. I c a depression ahead for us, not just a recession.
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