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Question for the men.

Don't be offended.  Please be honest.  This has nothing to do with my husband, so no need to think you have to hedge your answer.  A friend and I were wondering about this.  The subject came up because I'm going for a massage today.  I get them occasionally, and have always wondered.  I don't think its an issue for women, the way it is for men.  

For men who have gone for massages:  Is it simply expected that a man gets a...ummm...*special* ending?  Is this only offered at the shadier places?  Or is it simply something that is expected that you will get?  

Men only, please.  I like to know what makes you guys tick.   Feel free to elaborate.  I used a Poll so that you could keep your anonymity, if desired.
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*checks watch*
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The "Jeopardy" theme song would be great for this question and poll, don't you think, Peek? ;-)
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I don't think many men frequent this forum.  Post this in Men's Health or Sexual Health.
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Peek, I am not a man, however, no, I do NOT think it is EVER expected that a man gets a *special* ending.  NO!  I do get massages regularly and I think the therapists would be offended!! Maybe instead of asking men, you should ask people who work in and around salons that offer this service, and they will tell you, NO!  That is definitely shady and may be interpreted as a prostitution service (providing a sexual service for a fee!).
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some sure do think its expected!  sorry not a man but had to answer lol.  most are not like that, just the pervs.
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I knew PK could answer this!  

We were wondering, that's all.  
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I think the gals who work the businessman hotels and give massages do sometimes offer something extra.  These are not licensed therapists or anything, they are sometimes the masseuse associated with the barber shop at the hotel.  I heard a story once from a male friend who was rather surprised that his masseuse came in wearing a short dress, and she gave him a massage and then she did offer him something extra.  He was kind of a funny guy so he gave her a lecture on self-worth while he was lying on the massage table.
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i ;have some great stories! only a few of my own but more from other therapists.  most people understand what massage is and why you recieve them, either relaxation, to help with sore or tight muscles, you get the idea.  

there are still many places that offer massage with happy endings and even given by underage asian girls.  i called the cops on one and they were shut down.  im sure they reopened again in another location.  i think that some men dont feel its sex, or its cheating or its a big deal.  

i had a man tell me about places in larger cities in cali that do anything you want.  i wonder if the gals wear a glove while they "finish" the massage? lol  i personally would puke and lose any hopes of a good tip haha
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My ex-girlfriend owned several elaborate medical massage parlors, patronized by many people in high places, and I can assure you they were not "sex emporiums".  The women would have been fired had they offered "special" treatment. Since I used to hang out there I got daily free massages and sauna and they are well worthwhile.
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i wanna answe this one even tho imma female!!... imma massage therapist, and i cant tell you how many men wanted that "happy ending, all ages, shapes and sizes they didnt care where they were or what office, even when i was in school i had a few "offers" reguardless of how many people were in the room.... but i dont blame to many men, i dont know about any where else but here, but we have these "special"massage places EVERYWHERE!!!.... on ever corner and they get busted weekly!.. but yes then you do have those females that when they come in the room thats the FIRST thing they ask "happy ending?"..... so it goes both ways...greedy women or horny men....
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If you are going to a registered and licensed theraputic massage therapist you are going to a professional and they would be appalled at offering extra services as they could lose their license if they did so.  It is the other places where extra 'fun' can be had.

I do know that it took me a long time to convinced my husband to go to my massage therapist for his very sore shoulder and neck.  He was afraid he might 'react' and embarass himself.  He quickly found that therapeutic massage is just that.
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You have to go to a shadie place... Around here as you know Peek they have lots of them and lots of them have been busted for the sex favors... Me I have never went for a massage but me and the wife have talked about doing it in June when we celebrate our 10 yr anniversary.. Which will be at a resort not a shadie place......Some men like that special treat I guess.....
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