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Royal Wedding Fever

As an American/Brit I was wondering if you are going to watch, the Royal Wedding on Friday its at 1am here in California , 4am on the east coast. I like it all ,having been brought up with British tradition and pagentry .Americans love it also it seems , Diana was a big hit here ,her wedding was a delight. I also feel with the turbulence we are all facing in our lives now  with food and gas prices rocketing,/many other problems , that anything good and happy that happens is in fact therapeutic..
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You are keen for the wedding Margy!  
As an Aussie, we're part of the Commonwealth and the Queen is our Head of State, but, I have to say I won't be watching!  If any Aussies are interested, it starts at 4pm Sydney time on most TV stations!!
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awww well its a happy time and we sure need some of that , hey have you seen the new rage on utube' Dance your shoes off'   its great and a lot of fun check it out ...
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I will definitely watch it online or the TV at some point, but maybe not live .. although I recall exactly where I was and what I was doing when Princess Diana said "I do" .. and my wedding gown had hints of Diana to its style .. ok now I am dating myself for sure!

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Oh that was a lovely day , she was so happy ..I truly think she loved him a lot at the time ..well her son is about to be hitched, I guess they are making a big deal of it as he will be the King one day ...I hear Kate has said she will not be saying she will 'obey him' they have removed that ,I believe Diana also had it removed .hahah just had a thought now I know why my dh  was so bossy..the obey was left in ...lol
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Its funny how cycles repeat. Charles and Diana were wedded at a time of an economic downturn and the ceremony lifter everyone's spirits.

This wedding, too, is taking place in an economic downturn.

Swampy wishes them well, but he does not have wedding fever.

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I'm an Aussie and I wouldn't miss the pomp and ceremony,I watched Charles and Dianas' from start to finish and I'll do the same this time.I got married just after Charles and Diana in the August,so it was really interesting watching theirs.

We are part of the Commonwealth,and I am a royalist through and through,
we often have referendums here on becoming a republic,I always vote to stay in the Commonwealth,why change what isn't broken?  
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PS Margy,I also left the obey in,but I crossed my fingers behind my back when I said it. LOL
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I'm going to try and watch it. I remember watching Diana and Charles wedding and it seemed like such a fairy tale to me. She was so loved by so many. It's sad that she can't see her son get married, but maybe she can, from Heaven.
I wish William and Kate the very best.
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Diana was loved a lot ..she was wonderful with children, to this day the Brits mourn her ,dont know if I can stay up all night as it starts at 1am California time but I am sure it will be repeated later and I will tell myself to wake up at 4am ..I had a chuckle today as they are taking bets on Hat colors etc .. and I hear theres a new beer out laced with Viagra .I better not say here what they have called it I may get chucked off ....LOL
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I think I am going to DVR it.  Here in the States it will be on TLC hosted by two of my favorite personalities on TLC here in the states, Randi from "Say Yes to the Dress" and Clinton of "What Not to Wear".  I can't wait to see it.  It's a wedding, and I wouldn't miss is for the world.
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PS the beer story is true its a really long link so just put into the search engine Scottish Brewery makes a viagra beer  hey I bet its a best seller .LOL

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