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Soon be Easter

Was wondering if you guys still do Easter baskets for your children and have an Easter dinner to celebrate,how about those Easter egg hunts .?
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Oh we do for sure.  The coloring of the eggs is a much awaited ritual at our house.  I have pictures from every year we do it and it is hilarious.  We've had a lot of 'interesting' eggs and many that have fallen and cracked.  But the Easter bunny still hides them along with plastic eggs outside.  The egg hunt is a favorite at our house.  And we go to a few egg hunt parties.  And our church has one the day of Easter after the church service.  

I do Easter baskets with goodies too.  We talk alot about the true meaning of Easter but do all the fun stuff with it.  

Ha, it's one of my favorite things about having kids--------  doing all the 'holiday fun' stuff.  
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Children do love these holidays we always went to Church aswell usually on Easter Sunday and Good Friday  favorite for a child  was getting a very large Easter egg and stuffing ourselves on Chocolate..we also painted hard boiled eggies .
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I have a picture of myself when I was about 5 sitting on the floor in my Easter dress in front of my Easter basket with chocolate all over my face -----  not much has changed for me.  :>)
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Good Friday tomorrow for us Christians ...Passover for our Jewish friends .I wish us all a pleasant peaceful weekend
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Happy Easter to all.  
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