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Start Here for a Ghostly Evening of Fun!

On this spooky goblin filled night, come join in the fun and participate in MedHelp’s 2008 Halloween Community Scavenger Hunt where we can all Trick or Treat together !  

Now .. go “ghost” (invite) a few friends and then return to this post.

When you return, follow the link below http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/671026
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I had to come back to tell you that this was:

*  Fun
*  Easy &  
*  You get to pick a Treat at the end!

Boo .... check it out!

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I'm here!!!
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trick or treat !
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Im here
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I'm here..
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I'm here too!!
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Skailark Reporting!
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Spooky has arrived!
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Heh heh...Savas & Mrs_Savas are both here. Although Savas will probably fall asleep in the next half hour, making for a short visit from him.

Today at work we wore dog collars for Halloween  costumes and handed out candy to kids and treats to doggies who came by in costume. :)
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