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Still Buy Cd's or Download?

I know that the number of record stores are on the decline. And that's mainly because people download music as there are a variety of legal download sites on the internet. But some people still buy cd's for sound quality. And there are a few people who buy vinyl lps. I'll put cassettes in to be fair minded but I don't think most people buy them any more. And some people download music and buy the occasional cd which is the category I fall in. How do you listen to music (besides the radio)?
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the iPod has been my favorite invention....all your favorite music in one little place!
I have found that some music is not available on  iTunes but all you have to do is request what you are looking for and in a day or so it's on there!!
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My hubby downloads songs and if I want them on a CD he burns one for me.
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I would buy a cd but most of the time I only like one song on the cd so I feel I spend my money better if I buy CD-R and burn my own cds.
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I'm guilty, of buy cds. I just have this thing about owning the real thing. I love to have the real cd cover that sports the artist. I just love collecting the real thing. I could never own a generic cd cover without Rob Thomas's real picture on it.
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Cds  I listen to the radio a lot aswell love the chat shows on politics ,I dont agree with a lot he says but Rush is very entertaining likewise Michael Savage
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And then there are those, like me, who transfer their cassettes onto DVD through a machine that look like a tape-to-tape tape recorder ........ the quality is pretty good, but obviously not as good as if its restored on a new DVD to buy.  What can those, like me, who have tons of Harry Chapin, Billy Joel, Dan Fogelberg supposed to do when iTunes doesn't even have some of the old albums LOL!

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