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Storing your cups and glasses

Ok here we go....another totally random useless piece of curiosity I want to know!

After you wash your cups and glasses, and you put them away...do you store them upwards, or downwards?
Upwards being the opening facing up. Downwards meaning their bottoms up!

Personally I put mine downwards to stop bugs and dust getting in.
What do you do?
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Downwards and another peeve ...... if the bottoms collect water from the dishwashwer if they are hollowed out .. now I try to buy glasses/cups w/o that concave base!
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Downwards here too........
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downwards. I don't want the water to collect in the bottom from the dishwasher or dust to get into them.
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downward....but red..man you gots to get a life....lol
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Avatar universal
I put mine downwards
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jollyman you are right! LOL!
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down is right keeps the nastys out
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Brian LMAO..notice sine the P word ban the social forum is struggling for interesting topics,,today toothpaste and glass position,,we need some good old debates!
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yup I agree.....hey I am a real slob I just chuck them in the way I drink from them, maybe they get some dust but a slob wont see that anyway LOL
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Okay heres another scintilating question, do you keep your big knives in the drawers or in a Block on the counter, and have you got those nasty tiles or granite counters .....
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Granite Counters
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my knives lived on top of fridge for years cause of kids just last year they where moved to a real drawer. LOL
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