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Strange Health Problems

I dont know why but I have had tons of health issues, some really odd ones.So I thought just for fun Id post my two strangest health issues and see who can beat me for "weird "

1. at 17 or 18 I developed a leaky belly button, no know reason according to docs, i had clear fluid leaking from my own nice little innie belly button

2. I currently have dandruff really bad,,,,ok of the eye'brows ..what the heck does one do for that,,,

so bring on your odd strange stuff ,
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I have seen the 2nd one go to  a Dermatoligist they can help  luck  jo
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ty Jo I honestly had not thought of that..my hair on head is fine,,this I am wondering if its related to my thyroid being low..really odd and my eyebrows are dark brown so its really obvious.
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Oh my gosh Cherie.We talk all the time and I did'nt know you had the belly button problem too! I've tried using everything on, or in it, and it does'nt help. I should buy stock in Q-Tips! Ha ha. I use them all the time cleaning my belly button.
I do think your eyebrow problem is because of your thyroid. Have your Dr take a sample though. Take care. Remar
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My male friend occasionally gets a leaky belly button. He is an innie too. Turns out it is just an accumulation of belly button lint and dead skin cells that then get infected. He knows now to use a cotton tip and methylated spirits and clean it more often.
  I used to get really bad flaky skin on my eyelids and brows. Was to do with my eye makeup! So I no longer use that brand and voila! No more flaky eyelids/brows!
Yours might be something else though. Could be the thyroid issues.
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For me, mostly dermatology related, but I'm sure there may be other things I forgot. I have almost non-stop acne all over (okay not covering, but still a lot) my face, back and butt...yuk! I'm getting rather sick of it too. Hey I'm not a teenager anymore so I wish it would just get over it already!

Also I have a weird red blotchy rash like thing on the area above my breasts and below my neck. Not sure what it is. Just know my dad had something like it too and he couldn't tell me what it was. It kind of has a slight smell too, same as my dad has. My skin is also chronically dry and I have a permanent goose-bump like texture all over my body, but worse on my legs, parts of my arms, butt and hip area... My body hair tends to curl up in those areas. It's also common for there to be two thin hairs growing out of one follicle.

My entire skin tends to itch, especially at night. And not only is my skin dry and itchy, but it tends to be very oily too and on my face the very same areas can be both dry, flaky and itchy and yet very greasy too.... I baffled one Mary Kay rep once with how quickly oil formed on my forehead after having it cleaned.
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I have some similar skin difficulties, MJ.  My arms and legs have had a problem with those little goose-bumpy things too (in fact, I have two sisters that also share this problem).  I'm not certain, but I think that it may be due to ingrown hairs.  Some people think those only happen when you shave, but that's not the case.  (As it says in the Wikipedia article, "Sometimes ingrown hair occurs naturally without shaving, as too much dead skin or blocked pores can make hair grow sideways.")  Even though the goose-bumpy things I have don't hurt like I've heard ingrown hairs can, it's my best guess right now.  

One of my sisters seems to think it really helps her issue with these bumps to use exfoliating cleanser with exfoliating shower-gloves and she recommended I get something like that.  I only recently started trying it and, I know it could be wishful thinking, but it seems like it might be helping.  I'm hoping to see continual improvement.  The tricky part is finding the balance between scrubbing hard enough to get rid of the skin that's done being a part of me and not so hard that it's causing harm.  

I also have difficulties with my skin being dry in some places and oily in others... and though I don't have severe acne, it's still a problem that I experience.  Overall, my skin is really very frustrating.  I mean, I thought this acne stuff was supposed to be over after getting through my teens; that's what I was told countless times.  I often find myself thinking, "Why can't my skin just do what it's supposed to do and just be healthy, properly functioning skin?"  

I guess the bottom line of what I'm trying to say is... you're not alone.  =]
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