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Swine Flu

Hello all Alien is here lol... Anyway who is hearing about this flu thing anyone worried or is the CDC trying to scare us all? Me for one I am not going to sit around and worry about it if I get a sniffle oh well I cant assume its the Swine Flu.. Anyone else want to give there input?

I have missed all of you....
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Hey-what's up Alien????  Long time, no see!!!  LOL

Anyway, I do think that the Swine flu is legit, but I refuse to get freaked out over it until it hits my state.  I am relieved that the CDC is on top of things right now and that meds will be available, if and when needed.

My gut tells me that everyone is gonna get all paranoid over every sniffle, sneeze and fever now!!!  The ERs will be freaking packed!!!
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Swampy has figured out how to be immune -- just convert to either Judaism or Islam.
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Well they are now saying they may be confirmed cases here in N.C. but wont release the stats yet....Are what counties so we will see.. Zodiac How is school???
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You know, I know right now the pollen is really high in many areas, Allergies can sometimes make you think you seriously have the flu. I just hope there aren't a ton of people freaking out thinking they have this flu when in fact it's just allergies..lol
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Hope you are right, it sounds pretty serious where I sit,it has hit my state , I am 70 miles from the San Diego border,several people have it there and are in hospital,  they have asked for the border to be closed but O Bama has said No.Other countries have told theiir citizens not to travel here I spoke to my Daughter she said that UK was one of them. Apparently the flu shot anyone got this year doesnt work on this strain we have to get the Tami-flu vacine.
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kachoo.........I was just thinking the pork prices are going to be sky high now so we will have to have steak on the grill Alien........OHHHHHHHHHHHHH another party at Aliens!!!!!
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That's ok with me, I'm not that crazy about pork anyway. ;)

My husband kept saying for years we were going to get a pandemic of bird flu. He's even got a book on it. Sigh, now I won't hear the end of it.
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Now, if what you heard is right-that there are some cases in NC, then I might start to worry that's hitting too close to home!  I still think that it's a good that we're on top of things and will be prepared.  I feel better about that!  

I hope that you're doing good, Alien!  Great to "see" ya again!!!  You seem happy, and it's great to see!  =D

School is going great for me and the semester is about to end.  Can't wait for a break!!!  =D
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Am i the only one showing up for the party at Aliens house!!!!!!
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Okay, I'm coming too!!!  How about a Swine flu cookout????

Anyone up for hot dogs????  BBQ pork????  LOL
495284 tn?1333894042
Now we got a party!!!!  Remember the last one!!!!!  LOL
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MedHelp is having a one-hour long free, live health chat on the Swine Flu with Dr. Enoch Choi ---

------>    It's tomorrow (4/29) from 1:00 -2:00 PM.

Register (if you are logged in all you have to do is click on one button) here to attend and you'll get an e-mail.  I've gone to a few of these health chats and they really are great to attend!


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I am getting the grills ready Sarah no whip cream this time... Keep the tissue away to lol..
Zodiac great to hear yes I am doing better LOTS!!!!

They are going to annouce here on Wednesday if there are confirmed cases
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alien good to hear from you and Im a veggie so no worries here...swampy loved your coverting comment you gave me a good laugh and I needed one this am thank you !!!

seriously we have had worse out breaks of other pathogens, but this is not to be taken lightly Id be more worried if I lived further south west.
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you are right about the flu shot and also I wouldnt cross the border for anything !!! heard on news this am Americans are getting outta Mexico ASAP
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Well I dont feel like a laugh about it ,living so near, I guess you can if you dont see all the folks running into the US to escape the Flu there and also get ready for their Ilegal families amnesty here.before the census is taken I may add, ,its a pretty picture yes I am giggling aswell .....
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i've miss you so,. no one to yell for Jr with me. He looked good on Sunday.  Anyway, about this swine flu, I am not gonna worry about it. I havent heard of any cases in my area yet. I think Obama needs to close the borders. But what are you gonna do?

I want to party with yall too. If we can't have the whip cream what about the chocolate sauce? Hey who's trying Alien up this time? lol
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Hey Alien good to see you around....We have five cases here...They will not say what counties either....They say they are not bad....Like thats suppose to make us feel better...I am with margypops close the border.....
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I want to come to the party!  Count me in!  LOL!!!!  Missed you to!!!!  :)

I do believe this swine flu is going to get worse.  Our health department stated that we do not have one case YET, but WHEN it hits we'll be prepared.  I'm hoping that somehow we'll be able to stop it from spreading more - but it's already in asia and the middle east as well.  

I have to admit I'm feeilng sick today with headache, sneezing, watery eyes and stomachache, but it's probably my allergies, but my first thought was "what if!"  I went out and bought some cold/flu medications and extra santizers and tissues just in case though.  I have my mother who has a weakened immune system and COPD and just can't take the chance of her getting this.  But, they did say it's healthy people between the ages of 20 and 50 who have died from it.  I think that's where the fear comes from.  I'm sure it's just allergies.  However, I think that if we suspect we could have it we should go to the hospitals or urgent cares or our own doctors to find out?  

Anyway, it is frightening, but I'm not allowing myself to freak or anything like that!

I'm so glad to see you posting again my friend!  

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My brother told me today Scotland has a few cases also, so it is spreading I do agree theres no point in panicking I hear that its lighter here than in Mexico, am going to get extra supplies in so I dont need to go the the stores if it gets worse.
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That's what our health department suggested.  They said if it does hit and you wait to get the supplies they will not be available. I'm not trying to scare anyone because fear will not help any, but being prepared can't hurt.
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Im a bit nervous about this flu. I'm in New York and there has already been an outbreak here (in Queens....which is were I live). So yes I am very concerned about this. I think it is legit as somebody eles has already said on here. I've been trying to stear clear of people coughing and sneezing around me....but unfortantly I really can't stay away from all. I've been washing my hands alot during the day and using purell as well. At work everybody has already been warned that if you have any symptoms to not come to work and go to the doctor. So hopefully people will listen on this and stay home when they are ill. We have enough health issues in my family and we dont need to add the Swine Flu to our list.
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Here's the Twitter website from the CDC about the swine flu.

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Nah, I am not nervous. My time has already been destined, so if I get it I get it.  My husband thinks it sounds like someone took and put it in a petree dish.  I am not sure I disagree.  one part pig, one part bird, one part human flu?  I cannot figure out how come so many people in mex are dying yet no one here in the states? Okay, back to the forum about obama being compared to Jesus. Jeesh! My fingers cannot keep up
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