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Tagged You are it!!!

So Youtube and other websites do the tagged thing where they choose 5 people to tag. The persons that are tagged are to give 5 random facts about their selves.

So I haven't been tagged yet but I will go ahead and give my 5 facts:

1) I have a Chihuahua, she's long haired, very sweet not like common chihuahuas. Her name is mischief. Check the pictures she on there.
2) I have been married since I was 19 been with him since I was 15...I am 24 now. We are very goofy and have a crazy humor that only we get.
3) I love Dexter Morgan, for the showtime show Dexter.
4.) I am in school to become a counselor.
5.) I love to play in the rain

Ok so there you go those are my 5 facts. Now for the ones I am going to tag:

1. Peekawho
2. Quinns Momma
3. swampcritter
4. Mid
5. alienshow

Tag you're it!
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I own my buisness in Home Automation
I have a boxer
I have 3 kids
I love to watch movies
I love to go camping at the drop of a dime.

lizzie lou

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1.I am a medical fraud investigator.
2.My house is haunted and has been documented to be true.
3.I have multiple tattoos
4.Ride my own Harley
5. I collect stars


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  I have been  Married  for 25 years been together for 30 years....

I have 4 Children Boy 29, Boy 15 Girl 14 and Boy 9 ( who is going on 40)
I have 2 Grandchildren Boy 3 and Girl 1

I have a Springer Spanial  named Baxter who i reckon has ADHD
I am a stay home mum..

5 people I am going to tag are

Lizzie Lou

Tag you're it !
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great job. Keep it going....
Avatar universal
1. I'm an LVN
2. I have a cockapoo named Oliver
3. Love to challenge anyone to a good game of scrabble
4. I love liver & onions
5. I'm a lefty

I'm going to tag:

186166 tn?1385259382

i have two chihuahuas and a yorkie
i showed quarter horses for years and still have a horse but ride recreationally now
i ran away from life 3 months ago...lolol
i am left-handed and very creative
i need ritalin...iv pump...extremely ADHD.

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang...all the regulars have already been tagged...lol.

186166 tn?1385259382
ok...i'm tagging:

and anyone else who wants to share :)
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1 i have my own interior decor business
2 i am a artist and i'm 36
3 i have 2 kid's boy/girl under 8  and i have a beautiful wife
4 i love being locked into the pub lol    
5 i have 2 dogs and 2 rabbits we had 4 little guinea pigs but they legged it and have set up camp somewhere around my house

i'm going to tag

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used to be in a new age religious cult
likes to walk in the woods at night
has 175 hours of undergraduate credit, but no degree
has never had a pet dog (just hamsters, squirrels, fish, and cats)
last prescription medication taken in 1986 (though this will change)
Avatar universal
Oy veyyy uh lemme see.

I am an artists.
I  :OX
I love to make fresh homemade soups.
I sang in Nashville
And..... i have been kissed more than one time  LOL!
Avatar universal
ohhh i have to tag 5 people

Uh redneckgurl
172023 tn?1334672284
Oh my ---we did this (but not with tags!) on Maternal child and got almost 300 posts!

I had sex for the first time when I was 15
I pee in the pool
I have given complete strangers on the street money
I have shoplifted
I have been licensed in 7 different states (RN)

So many people have been tagged, I can't remember who to tag now!
198506 tn?1251156915
*******note to self--decline Peeks invite to go swimming******
172023 tn?1334672284

Be honest!  You've done it!
172023 tn?1334672284
I only tag ONE person:

Cheryl, the Community Manager!

Oh, and sk123
and jdesouza

Ok, 3 people.

Tag, people.  
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1. I am the last of my high school friends to get married and if one of their parents says to me one more time, "Next year, your turn", my friends may end up as orphans.

2. I love my dogs - Bianca & Sorcha, also known as the Fluffy Puppies. I will buy them Coach collars and leashes, but I sometimes buy my clothes second hand.

3. I will meet my boyfriend's parents for the first time in two weeks and I hope they never read the stuff I write in these forums.

4. I binge on fast food when my boyfriend isn't around.

5. And I will never go in Peek's pool not just because I don't want to swim in her pee, but also because I may have nightmares about Mr. Peek in wet tighty-whiteys.


Brown Eyed Gurl
Avatar universal
1. I am probably one of the biggest animal lovers in the world and have 3 dogs, gizzy, xena and fergus

2. I am a sports fanatic.

3. I am from Canada and DON'T live in an igloo

4. I eat way too much fast food

5. I am shy until you get to know me then i never shut up.



563594 tn?1309583132
alrighty here goes, thanks gizzy :)

1. I LOVE animals also, Dave and MJ are my children :):)
2. I love football, and basketball, I especially love Tony Romo
3. I am an OCD clean freak around my house
4. but, I HATE laundry
5. I also eat WAY too much fast food (gizzy, I'm sure thats not good for us:)) lol..

419964 tn?1333301906
I wasnt tagged but thats ohk  LOL

1.Im a twin sister with a sister im 3 minutes older then her which makes me the boss we are also gemini :) Which is KOOL :)

2.I have the best boyfriend :) hes my perfect match :)

3.Im a clean freak soo everythings very well organized

4.I too have a chihuahua shes very tiny her names remy shes cute

5. i love music and my ipod it comes in handy every where i go

I tag....
ANYone else ...random

489099 tn?1286220981
Here we go...

1. I have 3 brothers, im the only daughter :) that makes me the princess of the family hehehe
2. I have a Dog her name is Julee. She is a Pointer/Dalmation mix.
3. I love love love i mean love to Dance.
4. Im expecting my first child.
5. I have been married for 6 years. Together for almost a decade. YIKES...time flys.


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I got tagged twice .. hoping not 10 answers LOL~

1.  I am a mom to 4 wonderful kids ages9 3/4's, almost 11, 15.5 & 17.5

2.  I am a mom freaking out that college application time is here

3.  I love taking photos

4.  I am scared to ride a horse

5.  I like cats better than dogs (got bitten when 11) - sorry JayBay no hurt feelings

Tag you are it

Alienshadow (a new friend *hi* )
Momto3 (an old friend *hi*)
Mid (got ya again - double tag for you!)
Peek (5 more, sorry!)
wannabenana (met you over on wt loss *waves hello*)
172023 tn?1334672284

This is not fair.   5 MORE???

1.  I have a North Carolina car tag, when I lived in California for 2 years now.  
2.  I drink more coffee that is necessary.
3.  I rarely clip my dogs toenails.
4.  I used to own a horse
5.  Mr. Peek and I faked our wedding reception pictures for Immigration purposes.  We are legally married, of course, but the lawyer felt we needed photographic proof of the blessed day.  So a couple weeks after we got married, someone at work invited us to some sort of Holiday party they were having.  We brought a wedding cake, and made everyone pose around it, appearing to toast us as if it were our wedding reception.  
105530 tn?1279585282
5 More for me too ?

1 I love my coffee
2 I dont like hot weather
3 I live in Sydney Australia
4 I love making Siggy's on the computer
5 I love Med Help :)

I'm Tagging
And whoever else has not been tagged !!!
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i have 3 kid and 3 grandkids,  i need a kidney transplant, music is my way of escaping and mellowing out led is good for the head, i thank god for finding this site and all the peeps i have become freinds with.. and i think every1 i know has been tagged  ,
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