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Tagged You are it!!!

So Youtube and other websites do the tagged thing where they choose 5 people to tag. The persons that are tagged are to give 5 random facts about their selves.

So I haven't been tagged yet but I will go ahead and give my 5 facts:

1) I have a Chihuahua, she's long haired, very sweet not like common chihuahuas. Her name is mischief. Check the pictures she on there.
2) I have been married since I was 19 been with him since I was 15...I am 24 now. We are very goofy and have a crazy humor that only we get.
3) I love Dexter Morgan, for the showtime show Dexter.
4.) I am in school to become a counselor.
5.) I love to play in the rain

Ok so there you go those are my 5 facts. Now for the ones I am going to tag:

1. Peekawho
2. Quinns Momma
3. swampcritter
4. Mid
5. alienshow

Tag you're it!
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I was tagged by Twehner5,

1) I'm a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints (mormons) and proud of it.

2) I'm a very positive person most of the time. My cup is always half full

3) We have our 5 year old grandson every weekend, Its wonderful.

4) I love helping and supporting people,

5) my biggest regrete is that i was brought up in 22 differant orphanages,and i never knew my mum, she left when i was 2,

I am tagging   Got_To_Do_It , msniki412,  frankic, lori0615, JoyRenee


Have fun!
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Sorry my number 5 should have read
I am not the typical Accountant ( I have a sense of humour )

And for those not living in England, Walsall FC is a low division soccer team
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I was tagged by Twehner5, as i am new to all this, i do not know how to tag - if someone will let me know i can tag in future.

1) Elaine1961 and i met and married all within 2 months, 18 year ago. After saying neither of us wanted a relationship.

2) We have 3 Children between us, but none within our relationship. We also have 4 Grandchildren ( Never your too young, I hear someone say)

3) We have our 5 year old grandson every weekend, Its wonderful.

4) I have a soft spot for lost causes,( I must have because i support Walsall FC.)

5) I am not the Usual Accountant.(I have a sense of humour)

As i do not know how to tag, and i do not have many friends on medhelp, i invite anyone to join on this thred.
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I see I was tagged on Jan. 31...oops!

Random?  No sweat.  I'm pretty random!

1.  My husband and I met because we both drove the same kind of car (Z-28).  We knew each other for 5 months before we got married almost 24 years ago by a Justice of the Peace in Winter Park, FL.

2.  I had children in 2 different millenniums!  (1989, 1994, & 2002)

3.  The way to my heart is with peanut M&M's.

4.  I have had 5 surgeries on my left knee and will need replacement at the rate I'm goin'.

5.  I got my first dog (a Sheltie) recently plus I have 2 cats.

I am tagging elaine1961, steve1954, Barb135, daisymae, and merrymaria.  Have fun!
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:) I tagged myself

1) I am an upbeat positive person, those who really know me love me
2) my husband is 5 years younger then me
3) I am an RN but wish I went to be a pharmacist instead
4) I analyze EVERYTHING
5) I hate liars

I am going to tag
40s momma
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I was tagged back in January but only saw this thread now! (Thanks Agiesmom)

I have long brown hair and brown eyes
My family are the most important thing to me in the entire world
I regret choosing the college course I am currently studying for
I love to read but I have no self control when reading (literally cannot put the book down) so the only time I can read is when I have absolutely nothing going on!
I worry about things to an extent that is unhealthy.
I tag anyone that wants to join or re-enter the thread:)

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pretty new here so here goes

i have 4 wonderfull kids
im self employed
moved to nh from chicago and secretly i miss it
love my cats for not talking back! lol
and i consider my self a strong minded person with a huge heart

and since im new here i dont know to many people yet to tag so whoever wants to go next go for it!!
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Eureka, thanks for the tag!

My husband and I are Air Force brats and lived in Ohio, North Dakota, Phillipines, El Paso, California, Canada, Montana, New York (Syracuse), Netherlands, Washington, D.C., Maryland, NYC (Bronx), Brasil, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts between the both of us. Either one or both of us have been to every state except Alaska.

We met in North Dakota in high school, broke up and reunited 30 years later through a web site. We celebrate our 5th on Valentine's Day. He says it should be 35th!

I made my husband steal a campaign sign because it was the same as my boss' name (federal offense).

I have two children from a previous marriage (girl 20 and boy 21) and two cats.

I love to travel, surprise surprise!

Thanks for tagging me!

I tag Pitter!

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tagged by IAmTheWalrus:

Random facts:

1)  I look like a prude and think like a pervert.
2)  Never learned to swim, not due to lack of trying -- but I'd drown in 6 feet of water.
3)  Have a fascination for and love to study natal astrology.
4)  Was a concern pianist and considered a musical prodigy at age 6 -- can't even read music now, but the fingers can still type over 100 wpm.
5)  But still can't type faster than my son who wowed his business class at 142 wpm.

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I see I've been tagged.  Fun!

1.  I'm an athlete, and love playing sports
2.  I've traveled the world, and would like to somehow make traveling my full time job
3.  I finished my Master's Degree a couple years ago, and found the experience very rewarding.
4.  I'm a lefty
5.  I'm from a rural area in MN
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Tagged one more....

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1.  I have been married for over 8 years.
2.  My husband is 5 years younger than me.
3.  I have 5 kids w/ 1 on the way.
4.  I have 1 brother who is 4 years younger than me.
5.  I recently signed up for a class in Medical Transcription so I can work from home.

I am going to tag:
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1). I'm left-handed
2). I got *ALMOST* straight A's in school (math was no bueno)
3). I'm trying to lose weight so we can have another baby
4). I'm originally from Iowa in a nice suburban area, not rural
5). I make and sell jewelry on Etsy

I'm going to tag:
Michele, Katy, TX
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My oh my, this was such fun to read and experience the little known details and saucy humor and wit of our MedHelp friends!  Trying to figure out how I could get tagged several times and yet not have realized it .. ???

I grew up on a farm, bailed hay, had to clean the barn before being allowed to go to the Friday night football game and rode horses in Arabian Costume Classes.

Love hearts of all kinds and shapes and have come to the realization it is "ok" to show my heart to others.

Removed (relocated safely) 2 raccoons, a possum and a ground hog from underneath my house this year.

Faced my fears and learned to Believe .. in my dreams; they really can come true and without Dorothy's red slippers; found my passion in life after 52 years.

Met my brother after 40 years this past year and had a man save my life that I have never met .. but would like to.

Am tagging Skailark, twehner5, msgorgeous, JoyRenee and Got_To_Do_It ... and just for fun ... Peek and Chit Chat Nine (want to hear more about sporks and other fun facts!)  Also jdesousa and MedHelp .. just because it's been a while.  ;p
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MJI, I'm slow, but here goes~~~~

1.I love campfires more than shopping.
2.I attended a Catholic school.
3.I married the youngest guy I ever dated.
4.I'm a computer moron.
5.I eventually forgive others, but I never forgive myself.

I'm out of brain power now, tag to anyone who wants to jump in~~~~~~~~
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I have been tagged LOL..

1. Have a great love of nature
2. Love to travel
3. Passionate about animals
4. Love to read
5. Lost 108 lbs

I do not know who too tag as there are so many here :)
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WOW my post is still going...thats great.....I love naming random stuff
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OH I was tagged -- This is Fun!!!!!

I hate:

    *  rollercoasters
    *  tunnels
    *  pot roast

I love:

    * helping people
    * Italian food

I will now go tag:


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thank you cherie for tagging me ,.i was beginning to think i didn't exist , lol..

im one of 7 girls and 2 brothers i am the second youngest of my family ,you could say my family was just as big as the waltons do any of you remember them ,??,.i live in Dublin Ireland ,.i live so far away from all of you lot on mh ,.lol,,,,,but its nice ,because..i know i would never have met so many good people here in my country as i have met on mh ,.i have got to know so many different things about you country since Ive been on mh ,

1 ,i got married when i was 19 ,i met my husband to be when i was just 13 years old ,

2 ,we had 4 beautiful children and to those who know me on mh ,
will know 2 of my children are now with god ,.

3,.i have my ups and down ,but im always willing to help anyone out on mh when i can ,

4,i will some day go to visit my friend jen in the usa , that i met here on mh ,she has been my rock,

5,i have a good sense of humor and that has got me through life when i was growing up ,

,as im the last one on the page  im going to pick one more if that's ok ,

6, well i must go and find me some live leprechaun's ,....we have no bears of mountain lions ,just leprechauns,.......tricky little fellas to catch ,.lol

i tag ,..oh!i dont think there is anyone left ,.....

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and a 6th random person, just because:

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Let's see. Five more random things.

- I hate cold but somehow find myself living in MN...
- I like spicy cheese like pepperjack and the chedder version
- I prefer unsalted peanuts and enjoy mixed nuts in the shells. They are unsalted and fun to crack.
- When I was in grade school I hated writing workshop because I resented spelling and punctuation... When something hit me that I can free write my ideas and not worry about the mechanics, that enabled me to write. Then writing became fun.

- I try to see things from different perspectives if I can, because when I go by personal feelings alone, I may not be right. I am forgiving of people and I see good things in just about everyone I get to know. That's what makes it hard for me to disagree sometimes.  Sometimes I get taken advantage for it, so I'm striving for wisdom to know when that is happening, so I can still be kind to people, but also be cautious and wise.

People to tag:

- mommy52
- remar
- mtgoat911
- 10356
- catmagnet
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I'm tagging

g8r grl
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298824 tn?1349955177
Thanks Cherie

I am one  of four girls the youngest

My maiden name was Shaffer

I took swimming lessens but can't swim

I used to mange a TCBY

I love flowers

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1. I thought my real name was turkey until i was 6

2. I live with 3 other people and a 4 month old baby

3. My favorite seasons are fall and spring

4. I am a scatter brain

5. I absolutely hate liver

I have no clue who to tagg so 5 people who havent been tagged its your turn
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