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Tagged You are it!!!

So Youtube and other websites do the tagged thing where they choose 5 people to tag. The persons that are tagged are to give 5 random facts about their selves.

So I haven't been tagged yet but I will go ahead and give my 5 facts:

1) I have a Chihuahua, she's long haired, very sweet not like common chihuahuas. Her name is mischief. Check the pictures she on there.
2) I have been married since I was 19 been with him since I was 15...I am 24 now. We are very goofy and have a crazy humor that only we get.
3) I love Dexter Morgan, for the showtime show Dexter.
4.) I am in school to become a counselor.
5.) I love to play in the rain

Ok so there you go those are my 5 facts. Now for the ones I am going to tag:

1. Peekawho
2. Quinns Momma
3. swampcritter
4. Mid
5. alienshow

Tag you're it!
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I own my buisness in Home Automation
I have a boxer
I have 3 kids
I love to watch movies
I love to go camping at the drop of a dime.

lizzie lou

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1.I am a medical fraud investigator.
2.My house is haunted and has been documented to be true.
3.I have multiple tattoos
4.Ride my own Harley
5. I collect stars


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  I have been  Married  for 25 years been together for 30 years....

I have 4 Children Boy 29, Boy 15 Girl 14 and Boy 9 ( who is going on 40)
I have 2 Grandchildren Boy 3 and Girl 1

I have a Springer Spanial  named Baxter who i reckon has ADHD
I am a stay home mum..

5 people I am going to tag are

Lizzie Lou

Tag you're it !
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great job. Keep it going....
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1. I'm an LVN
2. I have a cockapoo named Oliver
3. Love to challenge anyone to a good game of scrabble
4. I love liver & onions
5. I'm a lefty

I'm going to tag:

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i have two chihuahuas and a yorkie
i showed quarter horses for years and still have a horse but ride recreationally now
i ran away from life 3 months ago...lolol
i am left-handed and very creative
i need ritalin...iv pump...extremely ADHD.

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang...all the regulars have already been tagged...lol.

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ok...i'm tagging:

and anyone else who wants to share :)
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1 i have my own interior decor business
2 i am a artist and i'm 36
3 i have 2 kid's boy/girl under 8  and i have a beautiful wife
4 i love being locked into the pub lol    
5 i have 2 dogs and 2 rabbits we had 4 little guinea pigs but they legged it and have set up camp somewhere around my house

i'm going to tag

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used to be in a new age religious cult
likes to walk in the woods at night
has 175 hours of undergraduate credit, but no degree
has never had a pet dog (just hamsters, squirrels, fish, and cats)
last prescription medication taken in 1986 (though this will change)
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Oy veyyy uh lemme see.

I am an artists.
I  :OX
I love to make fresh homemade soups.
I sang in Nashville
And..... i have been kissed more than one time  LOL!
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ohhh i have to tag 5 people

Uh redneckgurl
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Oh my ---we did this (but not with tags!) on Maternal child and got almost 300 posts!

I had sex for the first time when I was 15
I pee in the pool
I have given complete strangers on the street money
I have shoplifted
I have been licensed in 7 different states (RN)

So many people have been tagged, I can't remember who to tag now!
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