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The person below me game

the poster writes something about the person below them (aka Next Poster ) and whomever is the next poster answers true of false and then writes there statement

lets try it

The person Below me :
Loves Microwave Popcorn
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True ...could eat it all day.

The person below me loves to exercise?!
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Somewhat....if I go first thing in the morning.

The person below me talks in their sleep?
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the cat I talk to the cat and you guys ...the person below me is gorgeus ....
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That would be me!  LOL  I guess we all need to feel gorgeous!  Right now being pregnant, I feel very gorgeous; knowing that their is a little baby girl growing inside of me!  

The person below me loves to eat ice cream!
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OOOh Ice Cream! I love it but I'm lactose intolerant!!!

The person below me loves to read and write!
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Oh how DID you guess? I really love reading and writing!  

Ok the person below me is terribly shy?
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