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The thread is in two because this Friday Night, I’m both empowered and very confused
Today is the Australian National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. This is something which I feel pretty passionate about because I have been bullied myself for many years in between Grade 3 and Grade 9 with a little bit of Grade 2 thrown in there. I am in grade 12.

I am going back to the drawing board and creating a Photoshop Screen Capture film in Time Lapse to post it on my Youtube page and raise awareness that bullying kills and is uncceptable. Nothing short of it. Guess who's music I am going to use? Boyce Avenue!!

I encourage all of you, Aussies, Rangas, Music Lovers, Third Basemen, Twelfth Men (cricket), Politicians, Tennis Players and more to take action against bullying!!!! Wake up people, it is a real issue and it kills. From personal experience and from me to you.

I know some of the moderators have hit me for making some of my posts neglect to have questions making it one sided so here is my question. What is your plan of ACTION?

That's the empowering part. Now here is the confusing part. I just emailed my friend Xavian who has been involved in a break up and has since posted sad statuses such as:

"I'm tired of this f*cking sh*t, alright?"

They show lack of self esteem and intense sadness and stress. I emailed her, I said this exactly:

"Xav, mate, I have seen some of your statuses lately. Whassup? Is it because of the breakup? Stay strong for me, alright? Remember what I said to you when you were being treated? Happy endings happen all the time <3"

She didn't respond. She interacted with her Facebobok about an hour ago and went directly past my email. I don't get it, why would she ignore it? She's a close friend of mine, so it seems slightly unusual. More than slightly...

Confused but extremely empowered. Take action guys. Take care too.

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