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Welcome to 21st Century !!

Welcome to 21st Century!!

Our communication  -Wireless

Our phones -Cordless

Our cooking-Fireless

Our food-Fatless

Our Sweets-Sugarless

Our labor-Effortless

Our relations-Fruitless

Our attitude-Careless

Our feelings-Heartless

Our politics-Shameless

Our education-Worthless

Our Mistakes-Countless

Our arguments-Baseless

Our  youth-Jobless

Our Ladies-Topless

Our Boss-Brainless

Our Jobs-Thankless

Our Needs-Endless

Our situation-Hopeless

Our Salaries-Less & less
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and thank you for your constant warm feedback
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whoops we are all somewhat less& less ...lol  thank you rahim another goody ...
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