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Well today I turned 48 when you can remember what happened 40 years ago is that getting old???????????

Well today good ole May 26th, the same day that the legenadry, John Wayne was born and that rock Vixen Stevie Nicks was born, I turned 48. I have been doing some thinking, and I am wondering if you can remember what happened 40 years ago is that getting old?
I dont feel old, I know there are things I could do when I was 20 that I wouldn't even attempt now. Even with the kidney failure and being sick these last almost 6years I just don't feel like I am getting old. Maybe i am in denial but you know hat, not a bad place to be...lol..Like Jimmy Buffett says in "A Pirate Looks At Forty". I am Just a over 40 victim of fate, but how many ever days the Good Lord gives left here are going to be the best of all, like a fine wine I think we just get better with age..love ya all....brian
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I can remember when I thought 30 was old! Now at 56, soon to be 57, I see how young I really am.  I look around me and c 85 year old men and women down here still playing tennis.  So, If I live till I am 85, then you and I are just babies Jolly! lol Happy 48th! Now blow all them candles out and tell me how you feel! lol
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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,  happy birthday dear Brian, happy birthday toooo youuuu !!!! much love and happiness, Cherie
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Oh Happy Birthday! As they say, Any day above ground is a blessing!
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No your not old, your just now starting to be like that wine you talk about still got plenty more birthdays left in you!

If my husbands friend can live from the age of 8 to in his 40s on dialysis then you can live that long as well.
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You're still just a youngster. Maybe that's why you don't feel old.
Happy Birthday Brian!
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We are just pups!!!!!                 sara
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                                  ♪ ♫  Happy Birthday to You  ♪ ♫

Just this week, when I had a toothache and an old filling was removed, the dentist said that it was very very old .. so I state that it was filled when I was 12, and he politely tries to tell me the filling is older than 12 yrs old .. then I chuckle and take a deep breath/sigh and state . no no no, I was 12 when I got the filling so that makes the filling 38yrs old .. then he laughed and we laughed together.........now, that is getting old!

We are not getting older; we are wiser,

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