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What are you voting for your choice?

Whay are you voting for Obama or McCain? Do not give me some talking point or catch phrase like "hope" or "change" or "maverick".

I am voting for McCain, not my first choice but has made some strong points on energy independence, fisical responsibility and war on terrorism.
I am also voting against Obama because his policies just scare me and his judgement on his past associations are highly questionable.
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I feel Obama's past associations are questionable, and I am against his whole "redistribution of wealth" agenda.  I do like McCain's stand on the same points you mentioned.
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Obama....health care, energy independence, judgement, defends middle class not big business, war , restore America's image around the world.
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One thing I forgot to mention is please just post your answer do not respond to other peoples answers. I don't want this to turn into a debate (even though I love a debate) I just want people to be able to express what they think without anyone trying to knock them down or prove them wrong.
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No on Prop 8.  I'm an Obama-mama.

Plus, I can't stand Palin.  
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against obama,  his veiws lead me to believe he is really anti-american, plans take over from within for his own agenda
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McCain is really the scary candidate. He has an infamous temper and a blustery, impulsive and bellicose response to every situation - even his choice of running mate. Just the thought that guy in charge is way too frightening.
We need an intelligent, restrained and contemplative president and that's Obama.
2 wars is already too much and with McCain - you've heard him sing "Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran". Presidential? I think not!
And Obama doesn't believe in trickle down economics and McCain doesn't know anything but trickle down.
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Obama.  I would have preferred Hillary Clinton but we MUST defeat the McCain/Palin ticket.
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Ok, we have gotten some very interesting views here so far and I thank everyone so far for not turning this into a debate and just letting people know why.
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I'm voting for McCain for his stance on the war on terror, abortion, his energy plan (which also includes global warming), fiscal responsibility, experience, his willingness to work with both parties and because I think he's genuine.  
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I voted for Obama because the war on terror is like the war on drugs.. we will never "win" because there is nothing to win.  This is exactly what Osama Bin ...whats his name wants.  Get us involved in a "war" we cannot win and spend all of our resources trying.  There is no loosing because there is nothing to loose.  We need to end this.

I voted for Obama because he is the better man.
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