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What color is your My MedHelp theme & Why did you Choose that Color?

Mine is brown.
It matches my icon and photo uploads.  

I change it according to my mood sometimes!

I bet SK123 has hers purple all the time.

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Mines the brown only because i like the flowers and lil butterflys
193137 tn?1367880063
Yep, mine is purple almost all the time. I switched it to the Ovarian Cancer one for a while because I wanted to honor our OvCa members, but I love the purple one. And I also like the turquoise one a lot, but I just LOVE purple.
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Mine is Teal for OvCa to help spred the word.....
210400 tn?1325380570
I never picked my color lol...but I did for the ones of my kids...hmmm...
193137 tn?1367880063
Oh, I just looked at your Baby Pages. Very cute kids!
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Black, because I was in a funk.
365714 tn?1292199108
Blue-purple. One of my favorite colors besides blue. It also makes the page seem a little easier to find things.
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I think mine is green... just because it looked fresh and had butterlies on it!
298824 tn?1349955177
I like the green..its one of my favorite colors...
277836 tn?1359666174
mine is black because of the word shadow in my name
172023 tn?1334672284
I forget what I have, and why I have it.
21064 tn?1309308733
First I had pink, cuz I love red and pink (reminds me of "hearts"), but I noticed it has baby bottles and stuff.....Been there, done that!  Now, it's purple...LOL
208686 tn?1293030503
I change mine frequently to match my mood..lol
579258 tn?1250649343
Mine is teal ... it is bright and cheery and sort of a hue of blue.  Originally had MedHelp blue (I like it) but realized it wasn't encouraging or letting others know  of the color possibilities.

Actually like the black one, it goes with my pictures quite nicely, but is fairly bold and was afraid it looked a little too professional and might not be as inviting to new members ...

Cute subject!!!
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Mine is for breast cancer as we lost my nan to it earlier this year
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how the heck to u change it!!! urrrr ive been trying to figure it out for weeks now!!! LOL help!
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I went for basic black. I'm a traditionalist. Maybe its from watching "The Dark Night" to many times. All those stark black and grey backgrounds. :)
173939 tn?1333217850
I like any colour, as long as it is black :)

Want2BeMama, you need to be logged in, then go to MyMedhelp and click on that double sun - or fly-wheel or whatever it is - and it gives you the option "colour".
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Mine is brown and I have no idea why!!!
168348 tn?1379357075
go to My MedHelp
go to the gear (wheel)
click on the gear
and there they are!

Hope this helps,

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For this month mine is the ovarian cancer teal. Previously it was purple. If they remove the ovarian cancer ribbon, I will go back to purple. Why? It was a pretty color.
168348 tn?1379357075
The Ovarian Cancer is there ... a bit to the left of the new additions ..a new release came out yesterday ..


Nat'l Breast Cancer Awareness Month .. it's pink!

628679 tn?1231307302
Mine is black: 1. black is my favorite color, and 2. it matches my mood the majority of the time.
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