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What do you do to Relax

What do you folks do to relax, what frosts your cookies ..I like to get a kids coloring book and color, usually with crayons, I go and pull weeds out and generally garden.,I groom the cat.,and my no no is ...drum roll... I go and eat ..but am trying to knock that one on the head ......
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I like being the backyard with my dog, playing with her, or generally just being outside. I also love just sitting on the couch and cuddling with my fiance. We can sit there and just talk for hours, and watching tv or a movie is nice as well. Sitting near a waterfall, stream, lake, some body of water is really relaxing to me as well and I love to do that when I can.  
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I think I should have added to it, to ease stress...lol
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I love to color with coloring pencils, do word finds, listen to relaxing music. I also love a nice cup of hot tea with a bit of crumpets of course. (well, technically I dont know what crumpets are--but its what I call cookies.) And a good old fashion book. I love to read books about the olden days.
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Believe it or not, answering posts on MedHelp

I am serious.  I love to do it and find it really, really relaxing to help others.

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I thought of another one, I like to play mahjong tiles on the computer. lol

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Well I remembered another one I love ... Green tea with lemon ..sipped outside on the deck listening to the birds ..in the evening  an Irish Coffee ....
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a HOT bath with candles!(make it REAL hot so you can stay in there longer)....its the BEST!./.....get yourself a good bubble bath (yes they have adult kind).....turn off the lights, even if your in the bath alone its nice to just relax in some candle light (plus some smells are very relaxing)

put some music on if you like and just let your mind go......it gets addicting!
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hahah okay and maybe a handsome hunk to go with the candle light LOL
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ooooh, yeah , Margy....the music, candles and.....the handsome hunk giving you a massage ;)
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