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What is your Current or Dream Career?

Question: What is your Current or Dream Career?

                                                        (Optional) Why are you interested in that Career?
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I'm going to College to become a Computer Systems Specialist. After I receive my Associates Degree in that, I'm going to farther my education even farther to become a Video Game Designer or Programmer.

(Optional) I'm interested in becoming a Computer Systems Specialist, because I love working with Computers and Technology. I really want to become a Video Game Designer because I have many different, unique ideas for many games and I have been playing Video Games ever since I was five years old or younger and I still love them yet today! :)
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I'd like to do something in the area of computer networking/security.  Either that, or perhaps write novels, or work in Christian ministry.
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Swampy wants to be a door to door wikipedia salesman.

Its either that, or no fault earthquake insurance.
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Always wanted to be an Artist, am currently an unemployed artist, hoping things will pick up soon.
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My dream job really isn't a job in the normal sense, I would love to have the money to be a professional poker player, I would just love that
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I love to write, and I am a little bit artistic too. Actually working on an organization right now... I hope that maybe my dreams will turn into a reality someday.
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Cool, Those are some really interesting jobs!!!! :) I hope all of your dreams come true and I wish all of you the best of Luck in Life!!!! :)

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Counselor.  I love giving advise and helping out. I do have two degrees from DePaul University in Chicago (Communications & Marketing).  
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I am in the process of going to school to be an RN.  
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Starting June 22, I will be going to school to be a Medical Assistant. I have a desire to help others and it gives me such satisfaction when I can comfort them and they leave me feeling happier than they were before they met me. That is why I love posting in so many of the forums here, I feel I have helped some and when I get a "thank you" note, I really feel good. I think the Lord gave me this "caring" gift, and I feel He wants me to use it.
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I just applied to a job that means 50% EMS and 50% nursing home with nightwatches in it. I'm pressing my thumbs to get it even if they during the job interview asked what "I'd feel about only nursing home duties". If I get only that I'll get frustrated and disappointed and withdraw my application!

I believe that everyone has something in them that can change another person's life and to do something for others is to give of life's greatest gift.
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I want to be a Nurse, either ER of OB , I like excitement, would not be happy watching people post op or in icu etc,I will first be a patient care tech for a year and I will take the first available shift and position then bump to er or ob..and my current job is mom, and student...fun to shop for school supplies with my kids and argue over who gets to use the printer lol,,
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To win the lottery and not have to work - just play and study whatever I want.  My dream career is to be an extremely wealthy bum  = )

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I am an executive in the software industry with an emphasis on sales.  This is something I am very good at but still yearn to do something with my passion for food.  I love to cook and try different recipes and find ways to give my family and friends healthy food that tastes great.  I would love to become a nutritionist but can't do 4 years of school to get there.  Alternatively I'd love to open a gourmet and homestyle food to go store in my small town.
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My dream job is to be a professor, though I'm unsure of the details (teaching only? what size school?) that would suite me best.  I'd also love to be involved in owning a restaurant or specialty food store.
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Before being ill, my plan was an MD/PhD program.  Being ill has been a godsend in this area, because after being subjected to so many doctors and nurses, I know there's no way I could work with so many horrible nasty people day after day, and I don't mean the patients!  I love animals, and might switch to Vet Med, but it's also tempting to take my chemistry knowledge and get a job in art restoration/forgery detection.  I've had fantastic coworkers at every single job (!) and I want to keep that up if I'm ever able to work again.
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I had to vote artist etc.BUT I wanted to be a Geologist, a medical doctor, a scientist, an engineer, an archaeologist, and too many more to list! What do I do now? Stay home, sell on ebay, make beaded jewelery, do a bit of antique furniture restoration and try to get educated as best I can on all the things I wanted to be!
I got sick so I had to give up the idea of being all the things I wanted to be. So now I will just be me! :-)
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I work for a factory that makes Gummi Bears.  
It's not what I had intended in my life, but this is an awesome job.  I work with a group of people that are awesome and supportive.  I do a lot of computer work which I love, spreadsheets that I could live without....I have to walk thru the whole plant and it smells sooo good, especially when we are making peachies or strawberry puffs or cinnabears.  Really love the cinnabears....smelling only...I don't eat a lot of it....
I get to do problem solving, sometimes I do shipping and enter productivity and oh it just goes on and on.  Lots of responsibility and different things to deal with.  It's great.
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I want to become a statistical analyst. I prefer numbers to words, and I have a bit of trouble being creative.
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My dream job is retirement and not starve in the process. lol
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wow this is an old one ,make some more money working hard , a new business .
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I would love work in a medical lab, maybe doing CSI type work. I would like to be a licensed Pharmacy Tech
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I have had my dream career,and that was being the best stay at home mum I could be.
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