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What is your Favorite Video Game(s)?

If any Gamers are reading this, I was wondering what your Favorite Video Game(s) is (are). Thanks! :)

I'll post my favorite games first. ;)
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I enjoy both Nintendo Wii and DS games currently. I also enjoy the older Nintendo Console games as well.

Some of my MANY games that I enjoy for the Wii and DS:

Nintendo Wii                                      

1. Wii Fit                                                                  
2. Super Mario Galaxy
3. Rock Band 2
4. Mario Super Sluggers

Nintendo DS

1. Pokemon Diamond-Platinum
2. Animal Crossing
3. Mario Kart
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I like games that allow creativity and design, so I love the Sims
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Like Cherie, I love the Sims....in particular the Sims 2.  I play on PC.
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I also enjoy playing Zoo Tycoon on the PC. :)
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I'm a Harry Potter Fanatic, so I have all the Harry Potter games (1-5) for Gamecube and Wii, and also have HP5 for the DS.
I really enjoy the Mario games, too, but my favorite is Mario Kart.
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Cool, I also enjoy Mario Kart. :)

I pretty much enjoy all of the Mario Series games. :) :) :)

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