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Which is your Primary/Favorite Computer?

I was just wondering on average what everyone's favorite/primary computer is. If your favorite or primary computer isn't listed, please leave a comment below. Thanks :)


                      Which of the following Computers is your favorite/primary?

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Sit at my desk top in my office,/loft .. but have a laptop also as back up, I get arm ache , carpel tunnel... but I am an addict so put up with discomfort .
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Depends on the task at hand.  At work I use a Linux desktop, at home, a windows laptop.  I'd prefer a MacBook for home us, but was on a budget and got an inexpensive Dell.
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MacBookPro, Apple only. PC's are like weird machines for me!!!!!
I can already hear the comments!!! LOL
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you've been talkin to me from an apple? i feel so dirty now.
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My friends laughed at me running IE 6.0 on a dinasour desktop!

Recently got a new Desktop (HP) running Vista and LOVE IT!!!!

Also, enjoying IE 7.0 :)

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If you have MacBookPro (so does my son), why does it say 0% for that...?

Mac for me.  I'd never own PC again!  

BUT WHY IS THIS THREAD RUNNING TWICE?  I answered this before...in another post.
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Favorite?  I kind of have a tendency to treat my machines like people, and so I couldn't choose a favorite.  (I built some of them myself...)  I like to dual boot most machines though, so that I can have a different operating system available when I need it.

Right now I am using a laptop from bed.  This machine runs Windows XP Professional, and Ubuntu Linux.
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Mac, Mac, Mac!! I have a online website and we got hacked BAD! I can't believe how much better Mac is!! I just got a IPhone too! They work well as one. I will never go back to a PC.

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Nick I'm still LMAO mate!!!!
Twehner5 coz it was very early this morning and I forgot to click on "vote", me duhhh!!!
beatingthis, we are definitely on the same wave length!!!
Wait till the PC guys see this post, just can't wait. LOL
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YAY!  It's good to see the award-winning MacBook represented!  

Once you use a MAC, you'd NEVER go back to a PC!!!
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I like desktops better.  We have 2 Dells and a Dell laptop.  I hate this laptop.
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TO:  totallost

Aw, shucks.  Thanks.  We're just Apple snobs.  But with so many people owning iPods and iPhones, they'd just DIE if they saw/experienced how much FUN it is with iTunes on the Mac computers !!!  Oh, well.  Not everyone can be us...  LOL !

This is what I mean that this thread is running twice:

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I'm sorry. :( When I have tried to post this poll, I have received an error message and thought that it didn't go through. Since that  happened, I tried re-posting it and when it finally went through I realized that it has posted more than once. That is why it is running twice. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that. :(

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