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Why does my baby stare at the ceiling and laugh?

My 2 month old daughter is constantly staring at the ceiling, theres nothing at all there, but shes constantly smiling and cooing at it, is there something there that she sees that i dont?
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Ive heard of that happening. Babies can see angels or at least thats what I believe.
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Like Lucey said, I've heard of babies being able to see angels or ghosts. Maybe that's why she's laughing.
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yea babies can see angels... babies and lil kids are innocent and the angels come to them... i also heard that animals can see ghost or angels as well....thats awesome, im sure they are just watchin over them and making sure they are happy ....
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Yep ive heard the same thing,and animals do it too!!
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I've always believed babies could see angels. :) They and animals are the only things truly innocent in our world.
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