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You know you are obessed with Edward Cullen

You know you are obsessed with EDWARD CULLEN when...

your heart leaps when you see a silver volvo drive by
you think about him all day (AND PROUD OF IT)
you remember everything he says
you stealth around pretending youre a vampire
you want to play baseball in a thunderstrom
you drink cranberry juice... just to pretend
you doodle his name
you cant put the book down if hes a part of it
you hunt mountain lion
you compare every guy to edward
you hate rosalie!!
you pretend to read minds
you run really fast (or at least try to)
you feel bad for charlie
you love meadows
you suspect people of being vampires
you think that pale is the new tan
you use twilight related affairs in homework assignments -such as vocabulary sentences
you think the cullens are the new brady bunch
you google his character even though he isn't real

you always have a book on hand
you spend countless hours on fanfiction
stepheniemeyes.com is your homepage
you quote the book in everyday conversation
you fantisize about fangs
you spend rainy days pretending to be in Forks
you will name your first born, boy/girl, after a character
you put on white makeup and purple eyes shadow and
then go out in public....and even hiss at strangers
you downloaded "Clair De Lune"
you interogate pale people why they don't like the sun
you persue a career in dentistry to find someone with
you friended Edward Cullen on facebook
you casually migrate away from redheads in a crowd
you explore abandoned houses looking for the Cullens
you are afraid of dance studios

the topic of being immortal pops up in regular conversation.
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Actually not a fan at all.
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What's the Twilight Movie? JUST KIDDING! I am sorry but I am not into it! Have you seen on yahoo the people who have had tattoos done with Twilight themes? Hmmm now that to me is taking things a little too far!
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It took awhile for me to watch the movie. I loved the books before I loved the movie....
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Peek and Redhead-
Edward Cullen is from the Twilight movie.

I really don't get why everyone thinks he is so hot.  He doesn't do a thing for me!  Not my taste at all!
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*stares blankly*

I don't know, either.  I guess we aren't obsessed with him.
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Who's Edward Cullen?
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yes indeed. I have read all the books and excited about the new book coming out that will be from his point of view....Also the new movie coming out in November....
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LOL its nice to meet soemone as obsessed with Edward and all the Cullens as i am.

Vampires rule
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