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Your kids!

I want to know your kids' names and ages! Share about them here... it's always fun to know about these things because sometimes you meet someone on here and don't even think to ask about their families and children.

I have two little girls. Elaina is 3 and Abigail is 18 months!!! One is sensitive and one is very independent. One is empathetic and sweet, the other is a goof and clown!
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four sons for me.

madison (31)...addicted to alcohol and xanax
christian (30)...addicted to crystal meth...has hiv
davis (22)...clean from crack for 3 years
simon (21)...no drugs...engineering school at auburn university

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Quinn Dianne is 21 months and is an absoulte hoot. :)

In discussion with husband for baby #2

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Olivia is 13 soon to be 14 very very stubborn that age god help me
Taylor 11 she has Cerebral Palsy and being mainstreamed...very smart loves to learn
Jarrett 4 my lil man so sweet
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dominique is 10 wonderful little girl however is starting to get really mouthy

twin girls Ayla--> 9 weeks looks like a cabbage patch doll
              Myleigh--> 9 weeks tiny and is our little queen bee
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I have a little girl, Alessandra Marie, 16 months old.

In talks for a second.

And my doggies (my kiddies too), Chopper (Black Lab) - 5 years, Rocco (Yellow Lab), 6 years
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My son Noah is 21 months he turns 2 on December 21st. He is my crazy little man. He can be a loving angel one minute and a terror the next. He is so much fun.
Hoping #2 will be conceived this month.
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autymn renee she is 22...zachary adam  21 at school at slippery rock u.. courtney leigh  19  and katie lynn would have been 18 on the 24 th of this month she passed in 1991
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I have a son named Cooper Anthony. Now he is a Baby Angel. On July 23rd of this year he returned to heaven at the tender age of 7wks.
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I am so sorry to hear of some of your losses.  My heart goes out to all of you that have lost a child.
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Joseph - age 32
Christian - age 30
Joshua - age 19

Plus some stepchildren, but I don't remember their ages:
Dale (Robert)
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Jerri rae  20 yrs old  married..marine corp wife

Dalton 17yrs old ..graduating 1 and a half years early from high school.  PROUD

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I am so sorry to hear about the losses of children as well! My heart goes out to you.

I see there are MANY of us TTC. Welcome in the pregnancy forums anytime, if you're not there already!

We were trying for a third for a year and I decided to stop for awhile. I wish y'all better luck in getting that second baby!
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My son Brandon wil be 7 in 1 week . Hes the shy amd quite one but has a mouth and attitude these days!
My daughter just trurned 5. She is a mini me. Outgoing, friendly and non stop!! Listens very well and is a tough lil thing. She has alot of medical things she has delt with in her lil life. I think thats were her strenght came from!
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Julian is 4 months on the 20th of October! He is so sweet and loves to cuddle! He was just diagnosed with GERD and a Milk protien Allergy. He is finally beginning to feel better! It took 4 months to diagnose and 1 fantastic PED!
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Diamond Alexis 12 yrs old
Colby Glen          7 yrs old
Carmen Nicole     4 yrs old
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Gregory will be 23 Dec. 26, is independent and now on his own.  I am very proud of him.
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Violet May 7 drama queen
Lavender June 6 big tease
Lilac Esther  5 at the end of Dec. sweetheart
David Thistle 3 in Jan. very loveing and helpful
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i love the names you have chosen!! violet was one i thought of but dh wasnt as hip as i am lol.

dd addison grace 11 months
ds caleb ray 10 yrs.
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Emily Anne -- 13
Camille Anned - 6, but we call her Mimi
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oops, meant Camille Anne!
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Alyssa Joyce 8 months
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Un young man Brian 24 Otober 6th :) USAF!!! hooooahhh. Get yer but home pahhleaseee.
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I am also saddened by the losses of children.

   Brandon Lee  29  with 3 of his own:
                                 Kaylee 10
                                 Rylee 5
                                 Cadyn 2

  (Brandon, Kaylee, and I all celebrate Feb birthdays within 5 days)
  (I was a mom at tthe age of 18 and a grandma at the age of 36)

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