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anyone here twitter? Need help twittering!

Ok, I have heard so much about twitter. So I goes to the site and I join right! Well after I joined I did not know how to navigate, so gave up.  I got a message that a person by the name of poo-p is following me? WTH! Can someone enlighten me please? And tell me how to get around on there? I noticed med help is on there too so now I really have to watch what I say cause everyone that knows me will now know how I feel! not good!
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I went up yesterday to start and am going to try again I wanted to know more about Iran and what was going on as twitter and you tube is all that has been up for information, I just put twitter in ,but had to run out so I didnt get to talk,twitter with anyone I am going to try today ,I also saw twitter on  MH but I didnt want to cross polinate..If I do it properly ' I will let you know...
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you can make up a different user name on twitter, so know one on here would really know who you are,I tried it and lost interest,,maybe I dont understand it right. It seems all you do is say what your currently doing, like Im getting ready to sleep, or I just read a book ,,,what ever,,I like this site way better, wont be twittering
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I'm out there as ChitChatNine but if you don't PM me thru MedHelp andI don't know you, I may not take you on Twitter ..... hee hee .... I try to know who I accept as a follower.  I am on the MedHelp Twitter, too.

I caved in 2 weeks ago to Twitter and FB!

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But what is the point of Twitter?  I don't get it.  Why is it a good thing for MH to be part of Twitter?

CCN--I don't understand any of your post???  Pm you through MH, not Twitter and you are on MH Twitter too?   And why be on Facebook too?

Sorry, I'm so lost, but Want to understand this.  
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OMG! I feel so much better! Im not the only one that dont get it but obviously the only one here with a terd following me around! LOL! I noticed my daughter is on there, so I will call her tomorrow and find out how to get around and let you all know! I wanted to follow the Iran thing cause I heard lots of people from there were tweeting. lol
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Thanks Teko.  I will look forward to hearing how the heck this works!

Is poo-p still following you?  Is that a serious screen name?  

I swear, not a day goes by, you make me laugh with one phrase or another :)
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YES! OMG! I got an email that said poop was following me on twitter! I am dead serious!  Who else would have a terd on their tale cept for me! Go figure! Right!
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I have yet to twitter and I'm usually very techno geek....but I have now signed up for facebook.  A lot of my family is there and that seems to be some fun...
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Well, I checked with my daughter about how to navigate on twitter.  She is in the same boat as the rest of us, as she could not figure it out either! Sorry!  If anyone gets any info or how to's please pass it along?
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I primarily use Twitter for updates on friends that I don't see often. For instance, I have friends from high school that I know that actively twitters. I follow them on twitter (or facebooks' twitter like home page) and know what's going on in their lives and can catch up quickly with them.

The reason MedHelp (from my perspective) is on Twitter or Facebook is to utilize it to market it to people who might've not heard of MedHelp before. Plus those users that do use twitter are able to see our "tweets" about the features of our site. It just gives MH an easy way to reach a lot of people.

Hope that helps!
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I Joined the MH one yesterday it seems simple havent 'twittered today but its pretty easy you follow what it says there .its a  bit  like Messenger kind of immediate ..quicker, thats how Iran has been able to get information out I will go and check now, .I just followed what they told me have to admit havent got into the habit yet, .
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Thanks Margy, I will try that! Thanks..
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