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best guitar palyer of rock and roll

i guess you all have noticed i am a little bit of a music buff, never could play a note but it is my first love so here we go again best guitar player of rock and roll and pleae if i missed ur favorite i am sorry they are just soo many..
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any one of those listed are great.. i just think jimmy page is god....lol
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I'm not a lead guitar fan and can't stand guitar solos or jam sessions...I love the bass and rhythm guitar the best....so my vote is for Paul McCartney for bass.....
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Ygnvie Malmsteem, Kirk Hammett, Kerry King, Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani  etc.....
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Where is Jimi Hendrix????
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wow I voted  for clapton   all you fans if ya want to read a great book read his autobiography,,,,,what a life very good book.
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I cannot beleive that you have left off one of the most amazing guitar player of MY generation.  You left off Slash.  He has played with everyone that you have listed above, and is one of the most talented players of this generation.

You have also forgotten the edge from U2.  He plays the guitar so soulfully.  He extracts such beauty from each note, its as if if has to pay for each note so he uses them to their fullest.

There was a movie that all guitar buffs may be interested in.  I cannot remember the name of it right now, but it premiered at the Toronto Internations Film Festival.  It featured Jimmy Page, The Edge & Jack Black talk about their influences, watching each other play and jamming with each other.  It looks amazing to anyonewho is a movie/music
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The name of the movie is "It Might Get Loud".  Take a look for it.  Its apparently an amazing movie.
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I don't know how you could have missed Eddie Van Halen? I will say of the list you provided Stevie Ray Vaughn is the best on the list, but come on...Eddie Van Halen. Discusssion ended...lol.
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