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best rock band of all time

who was the best rock and roll band of the times
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such a hard question to answere let see how we all do
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I loved Led Zeppelin................When i turned 18 in Feb. 1975 was the year that they had their greatest album....Physical Graffite...............It was loaded with alot of good songs.
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Don't forget...

Jimi Hendrix
Joe Cocker
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there are way too many to list them all sorry about that
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Good poll.........can i vote again!!!!!
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Led Zeppelin without a doubt.
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Sorry buddy, but your poll has a MAJOR flaw....you left out The Beatles...therefore, I cannot vote.....sigh.
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Iron Maiden
Twisted Sister
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Zz Top  was a good one too  :)
401786 tn?1309152034
ELO Also was freakin' awesome....
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from that list. . .

Led Zeppelin!
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The Stones - They're still playing after more than 40 years.
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aerosmiths my fav, but Zepplins like rock n rolls all time best, flloyds right up there
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How can anyone vote for a Band where the 'lead Singer' of the band has been quoted as saying " I use to be the King of ****, but now I am glad to be free of that shite and working with a real talent"  Robert Plant talking about his current tour
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definately Pink Floyd & Rolling Stones.
& i'll have to agree with Cherie about Aerosmith!!!
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dont forget AC/DC and they are still going~~~~~~~~~~~ just released a new CD!!
Rock On akka dakka YEY~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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guys these polls are all subjective.. there are so many good bands you just couldnt list them all.. the bands i listed are just afew of my favorites..led zeppelin is my all time favorite.. but the ones you all mentiuoned that i dint list deserve to be there...but thanks for giving your thoughts ..music is so important in my life and i do talk about it alot..so if i bore you all or you all get tired of my music questions let me know
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Best Rock band of all time is really a tough answer because no only do you have several different generations in the mix you also have several different styles in the mix.

Look at the Beatles music to Led Zepplin to Pink Floyd to Metallica. All are different in styles.
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I'd say Queen! How could you forget them ...

But off your list, I'll say the Rolling Stones.
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ELO and King Crimson
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Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young !!!!! woohoooo, doin snoopy dance ~~~~
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