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do any of you contibute to a charity ( not counting church donations)

whats your favorite one and why?

I got two do what I can now....Michigan paralised Troops Fund and Childrens Leukemia Foundation....they just both pull at my heart so they are my two regulars  no lodgigal reason as there are so very many other equally important ones,
I also give blood on a regular basis.
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Veterans of America, have for many years and they send me beautiful stickers /calenders , address labels in return.I was sending to  an animal charity then heard some stuff about it.
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I donate to sponsor a child in Zambia through World Vision, and I also sponsor a child through a youth mission in Mexico that is also sponsored by my church (the mission is sponsored by my church, and individuals sponsor the children).
I donate to my local Christian radio station each month as well, and whenever I get a chance to donate a dollar at PetsMart for homeless pets, I do.
I tithe 10% of my gross income to my church--I know you said that doesn't count as a charity, but in a way, it kind of is for me because my church sends most of its tithes and offerings to charities and missionaries/missions.
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I totally agree that tithing is a charity. I think many many members do that ,,that is the onl reason i put the comment I did....

Do you get photos and stuff about the kids you sponser? what a wonderful thing to do,,,

animal shelters need used blankets and towels for animals constantly..Im trying to spread some good ,,has anyone ever thought how many problems we could solve if we all donated one hour per week of our time..for example to help an adult learn to read , meals on wheels etc...it makes a big difference.;
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I get photos from World Vision of my sponsored child, yes. I am allowed to write to him and him to me. I only sponsored him as of two months ago, so I actually haven't had a chance to write to him yet with all that's been going on with my mom. But his birthday is on the 28th; he'll be 9 years old. His name is Priscar. I got a birthday card for him that I'll send out this weekend with some pics of Trev and me. We aren't allowed to send packages because of importation laws. :-(
I haven't heard from, nor do I have a photo, of the child I sponsor in Mexico. I was confused about how last year, I had a photo of the boy I sponsored, then after a few months, they changed me to another boy. I don't know what happened and I lost the email with the info for the new boy. But I just have faith that the money is going to a child in need, because the man who runs the mission sends out newsletters of the youth organizations each month with updates and pictures of how the ministry is reaching out to the youth in Aguascalientes and getting them schooling and healthcare.
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I've donated to:

The MISS Foundation-it is an online support forum for child loss (miscarriages, stillbirths, neonatal deaths, older child loss).  I found them a couple of months after my son died in 2002 and they pretty much saved my life.

March of Dimes-all of my children were born prematurely

American Heart Association-My son died from complications of congenital heart disease

I also have made donations to the hospital where all of my children were born to support the NICU.
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There was a sermon one Sunday and the Pastor said gifts from the heart do not need to be talked about. It made a lot of sense to me so what I give and to whom is between me and the Lord.
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your right I respect that,,,,I am trying to get a little pay it forward going...its amazing what can take off.if one does  spread the word of good deads ...then people think gee i never knew of such and such and others on this planet can be helped.....trying to plant seeds.,
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I have donated many, about 100 cans of food with the help of my family, to the needy during food drives being held at High School last year. I have also donated many of my like-new toys to the needy children at Christmas time. I feel very happy and proud to be able to help the needy out. :)
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Like AJH84, my husband & I also sponsor a child in another country. I've also donated food to the local food bank. items for hurricane & tsunami victims and I've donated to a couple of CFS non-profit organizations.... one which is also benefiting people who have Gulf War Syndrome, autism, fibromyalgia and patients with neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases. (The Institute of Molecular Medicine)

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United Spinal Association (new name for EPVA). Dystonia Foundation but don't know if that counts because I am a member. I haven't donated but have partnered (in a non financial sense) with some charities such as Toys for Tots (and other organizations) and helped organize their annual Christmas gift giving drive in the local area but since I am homebound I credit the volunteers who helped out and did the work. There should be much more of that kind of thing this year going on as the recession worsens and there are large scale service cuts and more people in need.

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