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could you benifit from health care plan

Please dont answer politically..just would this help you..comment how if you wish how it would benifit or not benifit you
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I need it..post divorce would help alot...I will be of limited income...and have three preexisting conditons..would cost alot for me to pay reg insurance due to medical conditions I cannot be without insurance.
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Self employed with pre existing, you betcha
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NO .
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I think healthcare CHANGES would benefit many.  But a complete overhaul would not benefit me.  We have our issues we deal with---------  I have a son with a developmental delay that requires therapies and a husband with a chronic condition.  

We also run a small business with 6 employees.  We do not provide insurance as it is very small and we could not afford to do so.  If forced to carry health care insurance for the employees-------  we would probably go down to 2 employees or completely out of business.  Wish the business did well enough to provide full benefits to people but for now all we can do is provide an income.  Our employees would rather keep their job than have a bill forcing us to downsize or go out of business because we can not do what it mandates under current conditions.  
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NO to this one YES to a good healthcare plan .....
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Well, nobody really knows, however, Swampy's best guess is that he will lose in the healthcare plan. Consider:

1. The plan demands that men be charged the same as women.

2. The plan has an age ratio -- older people can only be charged a certain amount more than younger people. The result is that for young and healthy premium prices will rise to pay for the older. According to one insurer, California insurance premiums will double for younger people, and go down about 20% for older people.

3. The plan has an increase in payroll taxes, and an increase in taxes on passive income. That could affect Swampy if he is ever paid a stock dividend.

4. If Swampy continues to get health care through work, it will likely be taxed as a high end health plan, because of the way the bill indexes the tax to CPI, rather than medical inflation.

How it will affect you depends on what state you live in because insurance companies already have a myriad of state regulations to deal with. For example, many states already specific equal rates for men and women, hence that change wouldn't apply.
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You wont get healthcare till 2014 but you will be (conveniently after November  voting  be paying for it almost straight away ..and yes you HAVE to have it ....or else be fined ...
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Yup read Animal farm by George Orwell .....Did you really want a huge IRS overseeing health care ..well you now have it ...
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Yes it will help me. From what I understand of it so far, this should have been done years ago.
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Let me see if I can reword it where it is acceptable to the Great deleeter in the Sky.

No this healthcare plan will not help our family.
I do not want anything that is being forced upon me!

This is almost impossible to answer without injecting polical beliefs.....

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Deleted.....sorry I have forgotten how to spell......
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Posts have been deleted because they are political.  The question was would you benefit from the changes, not what you think about Obama, the current government, voting, etc.  Posts from a few people have been deleted, not just StormyRenee's (which she didn't claim, but I wanted to clarify in case someone wondered.)


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No the health care plan will not help my or my family; in fact, I will most likely be detrimental.
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Sorry - that should read "IT will most likely be detrimental".
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Just like teko, I will benefit from it.  I feel sorry for people like specialmom who are going to be forced into purchasing insurance for their employees.  Perhaps by 2014 there will be some amendments to this health reform.  I don't know, I read up on it yesterday and it sounded pretty good to me.  Again, it's going to benefit me so therefore, I didn't have an issue with it.
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nope...won't work for us. (plus i'm not too keen on having my tax money fund abortions for silly girls who won't say no and/or use b/c and condoms...)
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The jury is still out on what happens with small business owners.  Trying to read that bill now ------------  all 2074 pages of it with 150 pages of amendments.  Yikes.  I've read conflicting things regarding what our requirements will be and do not think it is a simple answer for small businesses.  Our personal family though---------  no this will not help us.
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Remeber, we had to pass it to find out what was IN it... more surprises to come!
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I voted NO.  Even though I currently do not recieve insurance where I work and my husband doesn't either I am not for this plan. I do not agree with being forced to purchase insurance I can already not afford.
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You are going to be paying for it soon but wont get it for 4 years..there is going to be rationing by the way and waiting for operations and procedures more than we are used to ...Like Europe .......
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Love it caregiver fighting sentiments
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I don't like it at all and will NOT benefit. I see a specialist and this will only make it SO much worse for me to be able to keep seeing him.
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Yes, Yes, and Yes. I am so glad I will have access to affordable health care for a change! To someone who has had none and not able to get it because of pre existing, this is a dream come true. I know several people who feel the same way, just not on this forum. lol But we are out there! Oh I gess I could get it for 2000.00 a month but I cannot afford that and then it wanted to exclude anything I had been treated for. I vote yes on healthcare reform.
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