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dinner time!

so it's getting close to dinner time and i have NO clue what to cook tonight. what's everyone having tonight? i need some ideas!!!
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I just had brown rice with aspargus, tomatoes and carrots with a 1/4 tsp of fresh minced garlic. and about 5 sliced strawberries with vanilla yougert.
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doesn't sound bad....but i would need a meat to go with that. greg HAS to have his daily meat rasion. lol
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I'm going to do something with chicken tonight. I haven't figured out what yet.

Have you looked on the Healthy Cooking forum? They have an awesome recipe for Chicken and White Bean Chili! It is wonderful! And you can't even tell it's healthy! :)
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barbecue meatballs, and fried potatoes.  I know healthy right??  I guess that's what we call southern cookin'...
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Uhmmm.....lets see......well, since 'Greg has to have his daily meat', you couldn't go wrong at all with a steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and some corn on the side?
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well...greg actually ended up cooking. and he surprised me...he made chicken marsala. it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

lol steak is tuesday.
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Hey, that's great! I love it when someone else cooks cause, I get board of my own cooking, ya know.  

Guess what?!  My hubby just got home and said for me not to cook that's we're going out....Yippie!!!  What a coincedence!  Have a great night heatherlynn22 :  ).
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you to bon bon hope your dinner out was great!!!!!!!!!
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My dad used to make something called "If you like it eat it up. If you don't like it eat it up, because you will never get it again."

That was a "family recipe" passed down from his mother.  Basically he takes left overs, throws them into a skillet with bell peppers, onions, and ground beef.

Though now that it will be breakfast by the time you check this, maybe some scrambled eggs, toast, hash browns, waffles, or pancakes sound like a plan?
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actually for breakfast we're going to my moms. she always does this HUGE easter breakfast (my all time favorite breakfast EVER) she makes ham (from their butchered pig...so good!), hashbrown casserole, scrambled cheesy eggs, stuffed french toast, waffles, sausage and bacon (from their own butchered pigs which is SO freakin amazing), fresh, homemade syrup, toast/muffins, and so much more. of course nothing is ever left over....i don't know how but she manages to cram 30-50 people into her house ever easter morning. lol.
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Turkey Soup.. I just put it up on The Healthy cooking Forum,its tasty and healthy ..and fast .
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