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do you remember these tv shows of the 60's

my mother the car,the real mckoys,leave it to beaver,torchy,mr squiggle,shari and lambchop .
can anyone add some more to these?
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Soupey Sales Show,
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dobie gillis
petticoat junction
mr ed
roy rogers (my favorite)
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Whats My Line
The Red Skelton Show
To Tell The Truth
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i loved the red skelton show...lol.  do you remember how he would be doing a skit and get so tickled at himself ?
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Hee Haw
Laurence Welk
The Partridge Family
The Monkey's
The Friendly Giant
Laugh In
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f troop, gilligans island, bewitched, to name a couple, thats  when T.V. was pretty good. If you get T. V land or nick at nite. some of these shows still run on tv. Hey remember the patty duke show, toname another one
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ah such sweet memories!! If they had halfway decent programs on tv now instead of all the violence i dont think there would be anywhere near the street violence ect ect .People are influenced by tv,i watched a cooking show and tried to make the same thing SEE what i mean !!
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I was a big fan of "Lost in Space," "The Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits"
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Love The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits..
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I still watch Bewitched! And Twiglight zone and outer limits were favs also. Oh the memories! And Little house on the prairie was a good one too.
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Lol Adventure Island with Fester thumble,Lisa and clown:)
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Me being a couple of months older than you LOL   I was a bit too old for adventure island !!:(  did you know the clown was john micheal howson??
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It's funny.. I spent most of my younger years glued to a tv..Black and White transmission, no less.
Australia had re-runs of re-runs of sooooooo many American shows.....I was born in 1963... ( I am PROUD to state my age!) and in the 1970's I could not wait to plonk onto the dusty carpet and watch the Yankee accented shows...they took me away to a far-away land of wonder and excitement.....
The ones I remember are;
Bonanza, Hawaii Five-o, Little House on the Prairie (ok that was later in the early 80's! I am not doing this chronologically!), Banana Splits, Count of Monte Cristo, The Waltons, Addams Family, Car 22-Where are you, Bewitched, The Professor and the Nanny,  I Dream of Jeannie (Man! I fancied Tony like crazy when I was 13 years old!), Zorro, Lost in Space,  F Troop ( I just loved those crazy Indians!) Gilligan's Island, Star Trek, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Mr Ed.........WAIT A cotton pickin' minute....Most of the shows we watched were American!

I remember watching Homicide, Division 4, Matlock Police, Number 96 (that had boobies on it and I was told to go to bed!) Count Down, Mr Squiggle, Play School, Bill and Ben, Andy Pandy ( darn..those two last ones were English productions!)

Wasn't much Aussie content way back then Kitty! But sooooo much fun, and 40 + years later I think it hilarious to watch the shows now as an adult and see the hidden innuendos and political remarks.
Aaah yes, the memories..
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Grr it was Car 54......Oh and Six Million Dollar man, Bionic Woman...should I shut up now? I spent too much time in front of the Box!
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Lambchop was great. Its the only one I remember though!!! Im an 80's kid!!!

Some I remember are "bosco" Loved that, "Nelly the elephant", "Bouli", "Buttom Moon"... Not sure if ye will know them, Irish tv is a bit different to ye!!!
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hey what about the munsters and milton the monster !! OH red you may have been a bit young for milton the monster!!  Oh nelly the elephant my kids used to watch that!!

those were the days!!
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what about boomtown, major mudd, and don'tforget romper room
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Anyone old enough to remember Fury, Leave It To Beaver, My Three Sons, The Patty Duke Show, Rin Tin Tin, Ozzie and Harriet, Jackie Gleason Show, Red Skelton, Laugh-In?  Yeah.....I am old! LOL
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The Virginian, Courtship of Eddie's Father, Spin and arty on the Mickey Mouse Club on Roundup day!

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I'm pretty sure no one mentioned "Please Don't Eat the Daisies"  Remember that one?

Mammo...we are ALL old if we're remembering and listing these tv shows :)
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omg...the partridge family...i was so in love with david.....what about I love Lucy?  i still watch reruns of lucy....she makes me laugh...maria :0
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