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do you think babies can see angels

someone once told me a baby can see a passed on loved on or angels,. I am a huge believer in life after death, and there are times my 3 month old stares at the ceiling, follows "something" with her eyes and has a huge smile on her face, this does not happen all the time and their is no specific times, just wanted to know what others thought.  
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The Bible says that children's guardian angels always see the face of God. I think God holds a special place in His heart for children. They're the only ones innocent in this life. So yes, I believe they can see angels. Why not?
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My daughter kept hearing her little girl talking to someone when she would be playing alone, having a full conversation. She asked her who was she talking to. She said the angel, don't you see her? She did that for quite a while when she was young. So, I must say, yes, I believe they see angels.
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well i dont know if they can or not.. but it woiuld be wonderfull if they can...most likely brings them comfort and joy, and in this world today we all need more of both
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Ya i think they do.
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Yes, I think they do, I also believe animals can see spirits as well.
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Yes Im a believe its true,also animals see spirits too.I would never admit i do too!
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Yes, I believe children can see angels. My son asked who and what something was outside his room in the hospital. My aunt and I went and looked and saw nothing. Less than 15 minutes later he slipped into a coma. Prior to the coma, he said that's alright and smiled. His face showed no more signs of pain. After his death we were talking and my aunt and I said it was at that time he was visited by his angel for the last time. The almost same thing happened when my 7 y/o was hit by car at 2 1/2. He said he stayed with Jesus for a while. We tried to discourage him but his descriptions were so real. When he described and talked about seeing his brother too. When asked about his hair, he looked funny and said he wasn't bald he had pretty curly hair. He still talks about thattoday and I still get chills. For you see, when we adopted David we wrote in his baby book in assition to 2 brothers here, he had 1 in heaven that would always watch over him. When the car hit him, my aunt said he went up and it was like he floated down very slow. A Miracle. YES!.
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I hear all the time about children seeing Jesus or angels, especially when they're sick or dying. Does anyone remember Ryan White? He's the little boy who was one of the first (or maybe the first, I don't remember) to get AIDS from a blood transfusion. He was shunned at his school, etc., because people just didn't know as much about AIDS back then. His mother had to fight a lot for him. Anyway, she wrote about how when he was in the hospital and not doing too well that he told her he had a vivid dream where Jesus came to visit him. She asked what he looked like and he told her that he didn't look like the pictures we have of him. Anyway, he told her that Jesus told him that everything would be alright. Ryan's mom took that to mean that Ryan would be healed. Shortly after that he died. It was then that she realized that Jesus did heal him but not the way she expected. She believed that Jesus visited him to reassure and comfort him.
I've heard so many true stories like this one. Children are innocent, so yes, I believe they are more attuned to the spirit world, God and the angels.
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Yes, I believe they do.  I believe that they smile a lot because they can still feel and see God and his angels.  They are so pure and innocent!
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Yes, I do believe they can.   If you PM me I will share our story.  
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I agree that animals see spirits too.   My one cat, Daisy, is deaf, but every now and then she will see something and just stare in that direction.  There are times it scares her, but usually she comes right back and watches that exact spot.  I always feel like she is seeing angels or even my cats that died.  Babies, children and animals are so pure and full of faith!
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Yes!! I lost my 7 wk old son this summer, due to a heart condition. My little nephew (almost 3y/o) is always looking up and talking to or talking about my son Cooper.  This brings me so much comfort in knowing that Cooper is in Heaven watching over all of us!!!

My mom said I did the same thing after her sister passed away. I have always felt a close connection to Angels and now I really do being that I have my very own little Angel looking after me!!  
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I believe babies and toddlers have a connection, we can only hope for one day. We can read in the Bible about their guardian angels, I believe the connection is even stronger. Babies have no words to reach out, but they know in there hearts of an innocent love that once existed in the garden, with Adam and Eve.  I hope they can see angels, then they are getting a small glimpse of heaven.
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i believe babies can see angels bc when my son was old enough to babble he would always talk to the pictures of my grandmother whom he has never met. he would talk to her before bed time, he would reach up to the ceiling. he quit for a while. but then last night he kept saying he saw an angel. i asked him what was the angel doing.  he said she was washing her hair. well i asked him what did his angel looked like and he pointed to a picture of my grandmother. my eyes filled up with tears of joy.
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Yes I do think angels are seen by babies, animals, and people experience them too.
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I think so! One of my lil cousins well her daddy had a baby that passed away (in his prior relationship to meeting my cousin) from SIDs and when my cousin was a baby her grandma used to say her brother was gonna visit her well one day she was just staring off into space and laughing and laughing and there was nothing there!
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YES i do believe that infants, toddlers, children, animals and others can see hear or just feel the presence of something around them.....We have had many many things happen with our children, grandchildren and animals.....So I definetely do believe....
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I see them and I'm not a baby anymore. I've always seen them.
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Really? How cool is that! I'd love to hear your stories sometime, Mike. :)
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Like Mike I too, have experiences all the time! My daughter when she was little could see and talk to 'angels' or what ever you want to call them. It is a subject that has fascinated me  for years and one I am about to write a book about.
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