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do you think babies can see angels

someone once told me a baby can see a passed on loved on or angels,. I am a huge believer in life after death, and there are times my 3 month old stares at the ceiling, follows "something" with her eyes and has a huge smile on her face, this does not happen all the time and their is no specific times, just wanted to know what others thought.  
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Mike Id like to hear your stories too. I have had some experiences with a presence in the room. I was in my grandmas abandoned trailer storing my stuff there while in the moving process. My mom would take my sisters stuff from the living room down to the bedroom. Since its long and narrow, we timed it so that I was in the bedroom while my mom in the living room and we would go around each other in the kitchen. (by my grandmas ashes strangely enough, and my grandfathers and great grandfathers too) While Iw as in the bedroom, the door would close but not tight because its on a slope. One time that I was in the bedroom I went to pull the door back open and I felt a tugging. I thought my mom was bugging me but she shoudl have been in the living room. After a couple pulls and having it pull back, I reefed it open hard and no one was there, my mom was back in the living room.

At another trip to grandmas house in the same week, my husband and I were carrying a bed piece over there. It was big and flat and hard to maneuver. Hubby went in the house while I was out side of it. The house is raised about a meter so I was lower. We were having trouble fitting it in so I stopped touching it all together while honey figured it out. While he was fiddling with it, he screamed for me to stop pushing it. I wasnt even close to touching it! (apparently grandma didnt want me to move 4500km away.

A friend of mine told me about how she lived in a house that the owner had died in and she could hear scratching noises. She yelled Bonnie, stop Im trying to sleep! And the scratching stopped. She also lived in the house next door which was also old. He son woudl often play ball with a little "boy". One night he ran out of his room and asked, mom the boy went in to Ceilidh's room and he took my ball. He also would complain about a tall dark man who was always in his room. One night the tall dark man was bugging him so his mom crawled in bed with him till he went to sleep. She too fell asleep and woke to a tap on the shoulder. She thought it was her husband. It wasnt. She fell back asleep and hear a voice wake her up this time saying, " its time for you to leave, NOW" She got freaked out and grabbed her son and took him to bed with her and her husband.

I dont think they really qualify as angel stories but spirits maybe.
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I can say with certainy that people of all ages can see angels and other spirits. When my son was a toddler he woke up from a nap while i was praying. I heard him sit up in his bed, but i didn't stop. I stayed on my bed and continued usally this overacted boy would have jumped off the bed. He didn't move when I finished I looked over at him. He was sitting there wide eyed staring and he said to me...mommy you have angels all around you. as far as i know that was his only time seeing anything like that. i on the other hand have been seeing them and other things since i was a small child, but since this is about angels i'll stick to that. a few years later i had put him to bed"at this time we were temporaily staying in a hotel" he had school the next day. i was watching ice skating on t.v. and  my attention was drawn to the end of his bed. there was an angel sitting there and i was told to pray Ps.91 0ver him and tell him the next morning not to run to the bus, because a cab would be coming around the building. There were several kids that caught that bus and they always ran a race everymoring.well he didn't run because he was experienced with me by then, and yes there was a cab that came aruond the building. the other kids slammed into the side of it all i can figure was that my son woud have been out front and would have been hit,and though the driver wasn't speeding that still would not have been good.
um i'm sorry this was so long, but i hope it helps with whoever wants to know.

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Most babies can see angels as can animals and they believe children loose that ability when life gets a hold of them and they become busy with other things, we have a child in our life that is sick and he stares at things soemtimes when i hold him but he is calm and i know they are there helping him.
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I believe my 2 month old can see angels...and i want to believe that she can see my mother. I lost my mom back in 2006 of a stroke (at age 56). I got very emotional when I had my baby, because my mom wasn't here to enjoy it with me an to know my daughter. The more I think about it though...the more I believe that God knowing this, sent my mother as my daughter's Guardian Angel and that my daughter sees her all the time. She stares up and her eyes move around and she smiles. She actually smiles more in her sleep and at "nothing" than she smiles at me or my husband. So, yes, I believe they see angels...and I'm sure Jesus also.
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I believe children can see angels..My 6 week old son looks at the wall and starts to smile and try's to move his hands like he is waving at someone..At times I think it's my grandparents and uncle looking over him..People say I should be scared of that but im not becaue I no he is being watched over by somene who loves him..
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angles or spirits. it actually freaks me out sometimes when they stare over my shoulder and giggle. (i'm a bit "sensitive" to things like that but it still gives me the willy's seeing them doing it)

i honestly think it's my pap, grammy and uncle lee. i was always really close to all 3 of them and usually right before they start their giggling and smiling i get the feeling of relief and nastalgia for them. (my boys are 17 1/2 months old)

my mom and i actually kid around saying my grammy picked out eli for us and pap picked out brett. (their "spirits" or "souls") because when i look at them it's so uncanny how eli reminds me of my grammy and brett reminds me of my pap.
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Very cool ladies.  Kind of makes me wish I was a baby to see the angels!  Enjoy your little ones.
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Well I have never heard of this until the day before yesterday. I was in Walgreens and this lady was like "you know babies and animals can see angels, they see things that we can't see" At first I was like "hmm maybe she;s a little on the senile side" lol Not trying to think mean thoughts, because she was a very sweet lady.

So tonight I googled it and found all of this. Now that I think about it I think I do believe it. Because my daughter, who is 5 months old, she's a VERY happy baby, sometimes if I put her in her swing by her self she will at times start smiling and giving small giggles. Before I found this I thought she was just a REALLY happy baby and just felt like giggling and smiling at nothing. But now maybe she really IS smiling at SOMETHING.
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not only can they see angels... babies are angels!
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i always think my boys are looking at the three people in my life i was REALLY close to (besides my parents and a few of my aunts who are still with us) one of my grandfathers, one of my grandmothers and my favorite uncle. and there are times when i "think" i know it's them. my grandma always smelled like lilacs and roses and at moments i'll get sudden nose full of it (i don't have any rose or lilac bushes around ...yet) my pap was a big pipe smoker when i was little. he always had it in his mouth whether he was smoking or not and most days i can smell pipe smoke (which that is they only type of tobacco smell i can stand) and my uncle was a BIG practical joker. he'd move things, hide things or just scare people (all in good fun) and my glasses, keys, rings, necklaces are always getting moved.
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My son is 3 months old...He always seems to be looking down the hall or up at the wall or celing. Smiling and cooing, More than he does at me. Im not sure what spirt is in my house, Im thinking it is either my mamaw. I really think she sent me my son, and i believe she is his gaudian angel, But also, the owner of our house had a son that was killed in a car accident, his room is my sons room, he loves that room, always happy and cooing in there. He looks down the hallway smiling and cooing when i move him from the view of the hallway he keeps trying to look back...Hm?wonder if its my Mamaw or my lanlords son? Or both?
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My nephew was 3 when his Grandfather died and was just learning to speak well and even at that age he kept telling everyone that Grandpa came and told him that he was safe and  just fine and not to worry. I don't believe a 3 year old would make up a visitation like that.
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Sunday morning, my 3 months old daughter was sitting on my chest doing her basic goo goo and gaga talk, as we were playing she was keep on turning to her right and smiled, after she did that few times I turned to that direction to see what was she smiling at ? there was no one there ... was she looking at the wall that has nothing hanging ? ... just a white bed room wall  ? I made few turns like her to see then I got up with her in my arms.
She stopped, but, I felt like, was there something or some one ( Spirit ) ... was it my dad came to see her grand daughter ?? .... I don't know, but, I would LOVE to believe that !!  ... RIP Dad, I love you  !!!
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I believe they see angels because when my daughter was born she kept looking up at the ceiling and she had a lot of grips so I was up late pacing with her in the room but she kept looking at one spot so when I turned she turned around keep her gaze over the window. When she got older she would play with something onlyshe saw cause her gaze followed it in the room all around and she would laugh out a lot. when she got older I asked her wher d angel was an she looked up for it....I kept asking as she grew and when she learnt to talk she pointed upward and said its in the sky. As she gets older she acts like she don't want t talk about it and would tell me the angel is in the sky and hide her eyes and frown, but always point to them and show me where they were. She is 2yrs old no an has a brother an one time she was playing with something in d ceiling an I asked him who he was playing with ans SHE said "he's playing with the angel mummy" it left me speachless. I ask her lots of questions and this one time I asked her where Jesus is and she said he's gone but he is coming back! These things I keep in my heart because I believe God made it so to help my salvation
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As much as it scares me, I have a feeling that babies do.  My 3 months old has been staring at the curtains by the window for weeks now, I always felt he liked the curtains because there are quite pretty, but lately he is always cooing while staring.  Only today he was staring at the curtains and when I came in his view he was trying to look around me.  Sometimes he coos for 10m-15 mins and then sometimes after that he just starts to cry.  When he does that my husband would tell him the angels have to go but there are coming back.  It's amazing.

Everyone is agreeing that babies do have guardian angels, and that as they get older and get connected to the world they don't see them anymore....but have any of you out there thought about the fact that even though we don't see them as we get older, that just maybe they are still there watching over us.  Look at some of the crazy things we do at times and sometimes we only get a little scratch, or we would say stuff like it could have been a lot worse...yes it could have been a lot worse but because of our guardian angels, it was not.
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I do believe baby(s) can see spirits.  Their minds are innocent and fresh, therefore they can tap into the spiritual world very easily than the adult minds.  I believe my son is seeing a baby spirit floating around our house.  As I am not sure if this a baby spirit that already exist or is this a spirit of an unborn child that will be born in the nearest future?  That is the question I asked myself.  I have read somewhere that many women have witnessed seeing their unborn child spirit floating in a bright white orb form or aura before conceiving.  I am currently not pregnant nor my husband and I are planning to have a child anytime soon.  We do want to have another child in the nearest future, perhaps a year from now.  
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Last night my 19-month old daughter Zoe was pointing at something down the hall asking "who's that?".  I looked and didn't see anything, but she seemed adament that there was something there.  Then a few minutes later while I was changing her diaper in the living room, she was waving bye-bye and blowing kisses to "something" I couldn't see by the front door, and no one else was in the direction she was looking (my husband and two step-daughters were all in the living room behind me and Zoe).  My husband was on the phone with his mom while Zoe was doing this.  His mom asked him to ask Zoe to give her "friend" a hug.  He did and she turned to face the front door (she was done being changed and was by the couch at this time) and did her little hug gesture in the same direction she was blowing kisses and waving.  She knew what he meant when he asked "Zoe, give your new friend a hug!".  

I sure hope she is seeing angels or maybe grandparents that never got to meet her.  I'm thinking of showing her some pictures of angels so she learns what they look like.  She's pretty sharp, so if she is seeing angels, she'll be able to let us know!  :)
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Yes I do! My mum passed away 4days ago and my 4 1/2 month old little girl, will just be staring at one spot for a long time, she smiles and laughs soooo much more since my mum passed away! I believe she is with my daughter! Xxx
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My 2 year old ask's me to open the sliding door to let out the Angel....then waves smiles and thanks me. Then a few days later on the highway at a stop light she waved again to her angel friend and said ...look daddy, there's my angel. My hair on my neck stands on end, but my mom say's her great grand mom  meme is looking over her...she also talks to the angel alone and stops when I approach her. She'll tell me a angels is talking to her. She also see's not so nice guys angels that she'll ask to go away and they do. She talks about God and Jesus and we never have spoken about them before this came up...she say's God wants me to LOVE every one alot and make people happy...  there is more but I do not want to commercialize this  thanks  ps...for a few weeks this same angel was outside our bed room on the deck she said. She asked for the curtains to be open so they could look at each other....WOW  no lie...there is some thing going on and why would she be so intense while communicating with this spirit...it's since stopped she is bombarted with computers tv music and books, so her mind is else where. PEACE
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This is actually the Social Forum where people can go to discuss anything they want.
It can be a great stress reliever for those who may want to get away from the serious subjects for awhile and talking about their illnesses, to be able to just relax and talk about things that many may find inspirational or comforting or even funny. I would hope you wouldn't want to take that from them.
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