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do you think babies can see angels

someone once told me a baby can see a passed on loved on or angels,. I am a huge believer in life after death, and there are times my 3 month old stares at the ceiling, follows "something" with her eyes and has a huge smile on her face, this does not happen all the time and their is no specific times, just wanted to know what others thought.  
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I believe babies and toddlers have a connection, we can only hope for one day. We can read in the Bible about their guardian angels, I believe the connection is even stronger. Babies have no words to reach out, but they know in there hearts of an innocent love that once existed in the garden, with Adam and Eve.  I hope they can see angels, then they are getting a small glimpse of heaven.
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i believe babies can see angels bc when my son was old enough to babble he would always talk to the pictures of my grandmother whom he has never met. he would talk to her before bed time, he would reach up to the ceiling. he quit for a while. but then last night he kept saying he saw an angel. i asked him what was the angel doing.  he said she was washing her hair. well i asked him what did his angel looked like and he pointed to a picture of my grandmother. my eyes filled up with tears of joy.
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Yes I do think angels are seen by babies, animals, and people experience them too.
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I think so! One of my lil cousins well her daddy had a baby that passed away (in his prior relationship to meeting my cousin) from SIDs and when my cousin was a baby her grandma used to say her brother was gonna visit her well one day she was just staring off into space and laughing and laughing and there was nothing there!
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YES i do believe that infants, toddlers, children, animals and others can see hear or just feel the presence of something around them.....We have had many many things happen with our children, grandchildren and animals.....So I definetely do believe....
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I see them and I'm not a baby anymore. I've always seen them.

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