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do you think babies can see angels

someone once told me a baby can see a passed on loved on or angels,. I am a huge believer in life after death, and there are times my 3 month old stares at the ceiling, follows "something" with her eyes and has a huge smile on her face, this does not happen all the time and their is no specific times, just wanted to know what others thought.  
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I completely agree that babies and young kids can see angels. I am a firm believer in angels, since I was a little girl. My father passed away in a car accident the day that I was born... and my mother always told me when I got to be about 7 or 8 that I had a "daddy in heaven". I never "connected" with him, until I got pregnant with my first son, when I was 18 yrs old, who I named after my father, michael, ....I started having dreams of him...first dream, was him sleeping on my couch in the house that I was presently living in at the time, 2nd dream, he was in a wheel chair coming out of the hospital, telling me that he always loved me and watched over me and always will...(seriously, I woke up freakin out, the first time in my life I actually heard my dad talk to me, as if there was something he wanted to say to me, that would be it)..3rd dream, was a like an out of body experience...I was in an operating room, I could see my body laying on a table and my dads body laying on a table next to me, but "our spirits" were about 10 feet away from it and he was telling me that I needed to give myself life and to live to the fullest, I told him I wanted to be there with him and he had a choice to give himself life or me and I saw his spirit go into my body and the minute his spirit did that I jumped out of my sleep, it was crazy...i was out of breath, as if someone kinda punched me in the stomache...
I have had a few dreams of him and each time, he is in the same clothes, white t shirt and blue jeans, the outfit that he was wearing the day I was born/ day he died....each and everytime
Now, when I had my first son, michael, he ALWAYS stared right passed me waving his hands up, as if he was trying to grasp something and cooing, smiling...I knew exactly what he was doing, me and mom were so amazed.
He is now 4 yrs old, almost 5 and I have mentioned my dad to him only a couple of times,  that he is in heaven and that his name was michael too. I haven't told him this probably in about..mmm..I would say, 5months or so...well earlier tonight...out of the blue, my son completely changed the subject of food and asked me " mommy you always wanted to name me after your daddy huh?"...I said yes, I did....he then said, "your daddy can fly", I kinda turned and looked at him with a question mark, wondering if he saw this...so I asked if he ever saw him fly... and he said " yea, just now he was standing behind you smiling and he told me he had to go because he didnt want you to see him, so he flew through the door"...I asked him what he looked like, he said "like the very last day..." ( made me start thinking about my dreams, how he was always wearing the same outfit he died in)...then he said "mama you know, let me show you", and he brought me into the living room and pointed at his picture, which is very small in a multi picture frame on the wall, the only picture I have up of him..I was like wow...so I told him the next time he sees him, tell him that mommy and grandma love him ok...he said ok mommy, I will

I have always believed in the deepest part of my heart, my father was my guardian angel and now is that for my children...its crazy, because he died in a car accident, and I am 23 yrs old and have never been in one... I have came sooo close, but never even a fender bender, , and i feel he always takes care of me and my family.

here is another story for you...my mother told me of a dream she had of him when I was 3 yrs old. to let you know when i was born i had no contact with my dads side of the family afterwards...anyways, my mom had this dream of him repeating 2 #'s over and over again, 8 , 12...so the next day, us living in las vegas, my mom decided to go try to get lucky in bingo...she brought me and my sis with her since they had a daycare (she said that was the only time she did that)...well she went into the bingo hall, went 8 rows down and 12 seats over, sat down, while she was listening for the #'s she heard my grandmas voice, she looked up and my grandmother and 2 aunts were sitting right across from her. ( they are my dads mom, and sisters), the first time they saw each other since i was born... she said she started crying and shakin and they were in my life consistently since that day.
I definitely love teh fact that my son can see him, it lets me know hes not going anywhere :)

(sorry for this being so long, just had to get this stuff out, since i seen so many people going through alot of the same experiences)
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I had a grandmother that had a stroke and was not right in the head up until she died in 2004. My aunt had 2 kids one in 2002 and 2003. My neice born in 2003, a year before my grandmother passed away, was very young and didnt know anything about my grandmother. When my neice was about 2 she was telling my aunt all about my grandmother who passed away like she grew up with as i did. When my aunt asked how she knew she told my aunt "grandma told, grandma and another lady always come to see me; they sit in the living room and watch me."

I believe babies do see angels up until a certain age.
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Im not sure if they can see them, but I do know all children are assigned gaurdian angels. Jesus says of children in Mark 18:10: "See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven" He is sayin U shall not lok down on them (be mean to them) for they have angels that are in direct communion with God the Father. I think some children maybe more sensitve to their gaurdian angels but dont think they play or talk with them for the angel is sent to do ONE thing and thats to PROTECT, and it wud be against the authoirty God gave the angel for them to physically carry on converstaions and etc with a child. Always refer to ur bible for truth on this topic and what I posted is whats mentioned of children, specifically.
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I Believe they do. I think my son has been seeing them for some time now. My grandfather was very sick with cancer. My son was about nine months old when he passed away. He was the type of baby that would sleep till 9 am. That morning he woke up around 6:30 am crying and would not go back to sleep. Around 8:00 am I got a phone call that he passed away at 6:20 am. I am a hard sleeper and I was for sure that he cried because he knew what had happened and wanted to make sure I was up to get the call.

Another occasion just happened tonight ( my reason for being on here). My son is almost 8 now. As we were driving home tonight he yelled angel. I asked what he was talking about. He said " mommy don't angels gave wings?" I told him they did. He then said he had just seen one. At that moment I realized that we had just driven where my sisters fiance had been killed in a car accident 7 yrs ago next month. I have no doubt that it was him.
Both my grandfather and this young man passed away within two months of each other. Just goes to show u can never doubt a kid in these types of moments.
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Im not sure what my 11m old is seeing but she just sits up in her crib and talks or plays. She wakes up 20 times a night and at first wakes up screaming or crying and sometimes she just sits up and wants to play. Im sure it has to be my grandpa who passed away. Its just weird. I know when I was 16m old i was able to see my uncle. So maybe shes doing the same. I had a dream back in 2000 and I met Jesus himself in my dream. I dont know why I reemmber the dream like it was yesterday But i told my priest and he had told me I was choosen. I do not see spirits or angels or anything anymore. I can feel them when I sit sometimes though. Feels like chills but longer. I wish I could see them sometimes. Maybe I passed the gift to my daughter. I havent seen or heard from Jesus again but Im sure he will visit again with more directions on what I am choosen for. Does this sound crazy. And why does my daughter wake up all night long after 45 mins of sleep I have a bed routeen and I feed her before bed. Nothing new. been doing it the same since she was born. Normally she falls right to sleep then 2 hours later its up every 30-45 mins. Could something or someone be waking her up??
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I think so :)
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My mother passed away the month before my granddaughter was conceived.  When my granddaughter was about 2 we asked her if she knew who was there when she was born, and all she would say was Maurine...which was my deceased mother's name.  We thought it was pretty eerie.
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My little 1 year old foster cousin, while I was babysitting her, kept point in the corner of the house and laughing and saying "hi" while making the hand motion with it. She did this for about 10 minutes. Then an hour later she pointed in the same corner and said "again!" while waving. Her eyes then moved to the other corner in the room and laughed repeatidly. I highly believe tgat babies and children can see angles. I was getting goose bumps when my 1 year foster cousin was doing this!
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I do believe my son used to see a lot angels or somebody,because he used to look at places and laugh too,but now he is 5 months old and looks at the ceiling and cries all the time....What's going on?
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I have a 2 month old daughter who always turns her head in every direction like shes following something floating. I was curious and took a picture with flash on, of where she was looking and an orb appeared. I took another picture of where she wasnt looking and there was no orb. I did this to make sure it wasnt just a spec on the lense. It creeped me out, but I do like to believe she is seeing an angel.
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that post wow it gave me chills like my momma was sitting right next to me...
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my little girl is 3 1/2 months old and she stares at everything and i got to wondering what is it that she is seeing.  i found out a week later that they can see angels so im hoping that she sees my mom, granddad, and my uncle i was really close to all of them
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Angel Temeluch is always with your precious newborn and your beloved child and your little one whos heart and mind is pure are aware that that beautiful being of light is there with them so yes your children can see their Angel
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I will tell how anyone can see proof that children do see angels. If you have a baby and it is difficult to get him or her to sleep, please, tell them to look up at the ceilining and just point and ask if they see the angels.  You will be astonished that they will not only calm down and concentrate, they will sometimes talk for a few moments and then, so peacefully, fall asleep.  

I do it almost every night for my grandson as I had done for all my children.  It not only made life easier for me, but it gave all my children a better outlook on life...even when things are terribly hard to deal with.

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i had a dream back around april or may that i was working and i glanced out the window and i seen this bright Beautiful Light gleaming from the sky! and i fell to my knees asking God who am i? i started crying and i heard my moms voice in the background saying "Thats Beautiful thats beautiful." and i woke up.i never really understood it. but i went to church camp this summer and i told this dream to my dorm bcuz we had devotionals and testimonies that night. God spoke to me thru my friend and told me that its time to start moving forward and live my life the best i can for him! well that night i layed down and fell asleep.my friends woke me up and asked me did i feel that. i said no. they said there was a warm feeling around me. and that there is angels all around my bed. i got up and i started shaking really bad. i couldnt see them.. but i could feel them around me. well i layed back doen after about 15 minutes of praying with my friends. i started dosing off and i felt some hit me and id wake up. that happend about 2-3 times. i finally stood up  in my bed and asked God what was he trying to tell me. and i heard a voice say my name. it was so beautiful i started crying. then i felt in my spirit to open my bible and god dropped a scripture in my heart and i opened it up.  i did not know this scripture. and it said everything that had happened that night. and God dropped in my spirit that he will always be with us no matter what! he is always among us, he lives in us! so yess i do believe in toddlers seeng angels!
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I have 6week old.    Triplets and each one of them smiles and laughs in their sleep and they be looking so replace and i believe its cause angles are talking to them
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Wow congrats on the birth of triplets ...I also think babies see something there are too many stories like this one ., 2rolo thats a wonderful story I am glad we believe in Angels ...
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I do believe babies do see angels and spirts! My mother and god mother told me when I was little they would feed me, at seperate times, and I would be facing the long hall way in our house, and there back would be towrads it. I would be babbling and giggling to them and then suddenly stop and tilt my head and look past them and start giggling and babbling to somone down the hallway. My mom believes it was nana, her grandma since we lived in her house. Also growing up, until I was about 6 or 7 I couldn't sleep a full night in my bed or in the dark. I would sleep with my light on until about 12-2 am then go to my moms bedroom and sleep with her in the dark. Where right above the door I would see white figures floating around close to the pictures mom had of nana and papa on her walls... I would close my eyes because I thought u was seeing things. Weird huh?
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Comforting aswell not so weird from what we hear, many folks see things, usually they are awareand atuned ..I like the idea although I have not seen anything, but I am perceptive especially about people . .
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That is really interesting.  Do you feel close to your nana spiritually?  
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