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do you think babies can see angels

someone once told me a baby can see a passed on loved on or angels,. I am a huge believer in life after death, and there are times my 3 month old stares at the ceiling, follows "something" with her eyes and has a huge smile on her face, this does not happen all the time and their is no specific times, just wanted to know what others thought.  
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We I've never met her. But me and my boyfriend just got an apartment a couple of months ago and it can't be "haunted" but we have had things happen that are just unexplainable. And I told my mom about them and she laughed and told me she prayed to nana when we moved in. So nana must be my guardian angel :)
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Oh, I do believe in guardian angels and am happy you have one!  Everyone needs a nana to make them smile when they are a baby and look out for them when they are not!  Peace!
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My little grandaughter is 4 months old,and today she looked up to the ceiling,and she started Smiling and laughing,and babbling to something,i believe it was an angel, or my husband that passedaway last year, before she was born,so i do believe in angels, some people tell me i'm crazy,but i believe in god,and angels,i'm glad there are people that's out there that believes in the same thing.
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nanabrown, I don't think you are crazy.  I'm sorry for the loss of your husband.  
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Yes they can see them until around 1 years old they will sometimes point
at them and they also can see demons on people and wont want to be held by them, i have 15 nieces and nephews and a daughter, they often trow things at the angels for some reason and often smile and talk to them and we do too we just dont know it "Hebrews 13:2"  Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.
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No. It's about as likely as this forum thread achieving sentience. I'd recommend spending more time attending to the needs of your children instead of pondering why they're looking around the room, you know, doing what inquisitive creatures do.
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well i told my Nonnie that everybody has a power they just have to figure it out so i told her i could see air in the dark and she said when i was young i after my poppy died and i talked to a girl named Sara because my mom woke up one night and heard me talking to some one and she asked who and i said Sara because poppy couldn't be here that he was guarding the golden gate and earned his golden wings and it turns out i heard Sara to night
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i have a Pit bull and a Yorkie . the Yorkie thinks its all big and strong while the Pit bull thinks its small and weak that is because they cant tell the difference in size they tell by so when a little dog looks at a big dog  it thinks its that size and when a big dog looks down at a little dog it thinks its that size.
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i dont think your crazy because sometimes at night i thought i would see angels still from when i was  little
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I would suggest that the people posting to this forum take a good, long look at themselves and ask if they really have any evidence for the claims that they are making here. Frankly, I don't see ANY evidence that babies or anyone else sees invisible, (and for all we know, imaginary) beings. But why stop at angels? Why not say that babies see unicorns? Or three-headed dragons? Or a plate of spaghetti? You have just as much evidence! Seriously, you people need to look up "logical fallacies" and study up. You have committed almost every one there is here on this topic! I'm ashamed and insulted at the replies to this question. The answer is: Of course not!
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I believe children can see and hear angels speaking to them.  When my daughter was  2 1/ 2 yr old my mom passed away from cancer.  One day i was giving my daughter a bath and she started laughing.   I said, " sweetie what are you laughing at?  She said ,  " My mamaw is talking to me !   that sent chills over me.   So yes.... I believe with all my heart.
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I also think they see 'something' not certain what be nice if it was angels though ...
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Last year, I decided to meditate and I followed a book's advice on that. So I visualized what I should but shortly after a question came up of what really bothered me that time. So I asked "Is there such thing as guardian angels, is there a guardian angel of me, that loves me and tollerates of me?". So shortly after I got in another state of mind where I was just a viewer and right in front of me was a man or woman sitting and he/she wore the same type of cloth around him and he smilled and nodded positively. He was that smiling like thinking of 'at last you asked, I'm so glad we meet each other!!!" His smile reached his ears and had so round cheeks. And also he/she had something of me, not physically but I can't explain it. He didn't have any feathers, or I didn't see any. I figured this observation was going to end and I was going to wake from meditation when I thought "don't go, talk to me, I want to ask you" but I didn't know what to ask so I came back to the previous state of mind, where I realized what I've really witnessed, and the meditation stopped.

I know that many people try to scare or whatever with not true stories and others want logical explanations and don't believe, but this is my truth, just sharing for anybody who's interesting. This going out of meditation phase, this second was the same with one I've witnessed in my sleap years ago when I came in front of the truth with the 'whole', when you have no limits as a person. This was an apocalypse and sth I'll never question cause it was SO real. So I believe that when this second of switch happens, it's not about mind's games, it's real.
So for me it's not a case of believing, it's a case of knowing :)

About children, I was babysittin the same year I saw my angel. The little boy, around 12 months old one day was heading towards me and suddently he backed off screaming and had his armes in a point that he would if a scare person would attack him. It was so intence that I felt that there was sb in the room, just...invisible to me. I shouted to him to come to me and I hugged him and I asked our angels to protect us. I was so afraid to move as there was no other way to leave than the way the baby saw this ...something. I tried to calm down the baby and he did after 5 or 10 minutes, which if you think of it it's pretty long time.
Some other time I saw him staring behind my back without any specific feeling.He was 10 months or so back then. I've videotaped his glance by accident, but I didn't think to film behind me.
Also his sister which was 2 1/2 or so, one evening when we where playing, she came again in the living room, and starting crying not wanting to come in. I asked her what's going on and said there was sb (almost at the same spot). I told her that that was just a paint on the wall (that showed a man's back) but she still would cry and won't come in the room for again around 15 minutes. She insisted that sb was there, in the spot where I grabbed her brother to calm him down!!

Also, some other day, I cleearly heard sb talking to me and saying to harry up cause in the subway they are going to check the tickets, so if I harry up I'll skip the check. I started running to the stairs, that real it was! But they were already down there. This was the very same year I was babysitting, returning home from work. I was babysitting and using the station for a whole year, but this was the only time sb was checking the tickets down there.

I've also heard my name (in the same room that my granny had also heard her name-I'm named after her), seing and hearing sth moving byitself that weighted 30 kilos in job, I've heard a bass manly voice in my ear in my sleap and I was hardly trying to wake up cause it was no good (I tend to sleap with my blankets and hair upon my ear since),  I've had an out of  body experience and so my mam had and sometimes I feel that sb is behind me in the extend that I turn back to see (in an empty house). Hopefully I don't see anything!!

And other things in my life have happened that I call tbem miracles. So I can say that I know about angels and I believe that there are other things as well that I don't know what.

I've learned one thing with angels. Ask them with love and faith. Wait and be alert. Sometimes they repeat some word or bring you the right people, just listen. And then thank them, they love us. My angel was thrilled that I met him!
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Such an interesting story ...thank you for sharing it with us ..May I ask you something, do you think women are more susceptible to seeing angels and other phenomenom than men ..?
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My cousin Darkila Love was your average high spirited little girl... in 2005 she was diagnosed with cancer. In 2006 it became milignant and she was put in hospice at home. The night before she passed my whole family and I gathered in her room to pray and comfort her. As my aunt prayed she pointed towards the ceiling. We asked what she was pointing at she said god.... hours later she passed with a smile....so yes I have seen this happen I do believe...
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My great nephew is 6 months old and he looks up at the ceiling as if he is watching something smiling and kicking and moving his arms as fast as he can and even coos at the ceiling. I look up to where he is looking and of course I don't see anything. One time before when he was 4 months he was doing the same thing and did this for an hour and a half. I watched him the whole time and he would look over at me a few times and then go right back to kicking and his arms as if he is riding a bicycle and staring up at the ceiling and cooing and smiling. He just slowed down and quit moving and closed his little eyes and went to sleep. I know he is seeing angels or something because he is watching it as if they are right in they are right in the room with us. :)
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One glorious day in the summer of 1994, I was hanging laundry on the line (I was 7 months pregnant with a baby girl)when I had a strong intuition of my 2 yr old baby girl (she was playing at the sand box)  going toward the road.  I immediatly looked to see her and she was not there.  When running toward the road i could hear a car coming.  As I  rounded the corner of the house  , I stopped to see my baby girl, arms stretched toward the heavens with a big smile on her face.  The car had passed and I asked her what she was doing, she said " Mommy I'm talking to the angels".The strangest thing thou is I never asked her what they talked about or even thought about it again until she graduated from high school and I wrote the opening line in her year book " My baby girl that talkes to angels".   Love you Bella.
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My 7-week baby girl is staring at windows or window areas and at the sky, also. She smiles and tries to talk.

I have been a paranormal researcher in the past. I will try to take photos of the areas she is looking at. I will be looking for orbs that appear in sequential photos. If the orbs appear about the same size, location, and color in sequential photos, there's a good chance you are dealing with an intelligent spirit.

An orb that is elongated or oval in nature is a diabolical spirit, or a demon. If you need to get rid of something negative, contact a Taoist priest. Catholic priests are good, too, but a simple blessing will not remove an evil spirit.

One sure way to get rid of spirits is to burn something that produces smoke in the area where the spirit is seen. Spirits cannot co-exist in areas that contain smoke. A sage smudge stick (native American Indian in origin) is used for this purpose. Incense may also work.

Spraying a mixture of milk and salt along the edges of entries into the home (doorways, windows, fireplaces) will prevent passage of negative spirits into your home.

Children under 3 years of age are said to be able to leave their body and their spirit may travel. This is because the fontanelles in the skull have not fused into hard bone yet.

After 3 years of age, a child will no longer remember much that happened before the age of 3. A 3 yo will often be able to tell you details about the moment they were born, the invisible things they interact with, etc. After 3, that memory is gone, and the fontanelles become hard and the skull no longer allows free passage of the spirit.
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Yes I  know for a fact they can.my 2 year old son saw my nephew who had passed away four years before he was even born. Me and my wife saw that he was playing alone then he started to say his name as if he was there and we asked him who he was playing with he'd say Jeremy which is my nephew name who he'd never met mor seen pictures of. So me and my wife talked and asked my sister to bring pictures of him and asked my son who the person in the pictures were and he said that's Jeremy and smiled. I swear id never of have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.
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My son was almost three when my Father-in-Law passed.  That night, he was sleeping.  We knew his grandpa was struggling after a surgery, but he was on life-support, and the Drs. said he had a 50% chance of survival.  As I passed my boy's room, I saw him kneeling at the end of his bed.  I heard him say "Bye Bye Bumpa!" (his name for grampa) I knew in my heart that my Father-in-Law was gone, even though he was not pronounced dead until the next morning.  Several weeks later, I went into my son's room, and he was lying on the bed, just staring at the ceiling with a smile on his face.  "Whatcha doin?" I asked.  "Oh, I was just talking to Bumpa!" he said.  "What did he say?" I asked.  My son replied "He says where he lives now, the lights are always on . . ."  
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